Sean P-Diddy Combs Donates $1Million To Howard University


Popular American rapper and business mogul, Sean P-Diddy Combs, donates $1Million to Howard University.

P-Diddy who is the CEO of the Bad Boy records during his “Bad Boy Family Reunion” on Thursday night made the huge donation to his Alma Mater.

Puff Daddy also fondly known as “P. Diddy” was only one throwback medley into the Bad Boy tour before he stopped the show to display the big dummy cheque.

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Then came two backup dancers dressed up like cheerleaders up on stage with the cheque.

Giving the crowd a little bit of suspense, P-Diddy deliberately blocked the view on the numbers.

All the audience could see at first were zeros — lots and lots of zeros.

P-Diddy then asked the crowd to take out their cameras, saying:

“I have something I wanna do special for D.C..

“H-U! You knoooooooow!”

“Everybody get out they cameras…It’s a million dollars. Take a picture now.”

On stage to accept the cheque from P-Diddy was Howard University’s president Wayne A.I. Frederick.

According to the millionaire rapper, the funds were to be distributed through the newly established Sean Combs Scholarship Fund to help any student unable to pay for tuition.

The Bad Boy Reunion Tour concert held at the Verizon Center.

P-Diddy Combs who attended Howard University but dropped out before receiving his bachelor’s degree, received an honorary doctorate from the university in 2014.


Diddy also delivered the commencement speech at the institution that same year.


On Thursday, Sean Combs told the Verizon Center crowd that he was “blessed to go to Howard.”

The rapper turned mogul said:

“One of the biggest blessings is getting the chance to one day be able to give back, and to support the people that supported you…

“If I didn’t get some help, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

“It changed my life.

“It made me believe I could do anything.”