Bishop Oyedepo Sermon: “Tithing Qualifies You For God’s Blessings!”


This latest sermon of Bishop David Oyedepo of Faith Tabernacle Ota, Ogun state has brought a misconstrue among many Nigerians who have fallen on financial hardship due to recession that has engulfed the country.

In his sermon, the Bishop had talked about receiving God’s blessings and giving back to God from blessing received from him.

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Bishop Oyedepo said:

“Everybody believes that God has an open order of blessing for his people, but you see, it takes your tithing to qualify for it.

“So if you only know the promise and don’t know the conditions, you will die frustrated. Now, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of sins, of poverty and death, But what does it take to get there? It takes faith in the demands. People just believe the promise but they need to believe the demands. 

“It is in delivering the demands that entitles you to the fulfillment of the promise. “

Bishop Oyedepo quoted that there is no provision in scriptures without conditions attached. He said even salvation is not totally free in itself as you need to repent before you can be saved. There is nothing provided for without conditions to meet’.

With the level of middle-class citizens in Nigeria descending to less than average, some people questions the influence of religion in the country at her worse days.

Recall that some Nigerians such as Olusegun Oyegbami has openly declared all men of God in Nigeria null and void.

According to him, these “so called men of God” take advantage of the country’s situation to rip their church members of the little they have to enrich themselves. And so controversies continue to trail some church preaching which only borders on prosperity and all the good things of life.

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Paying tithes in church is written in several chapters of the Bible and since the time of first children of Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel. And is also one of the instructions given to the Israelite by Moses in Deuteronomy chapter 14:22;

“You shall surely tithe all the yield of your seed produced by your field each year.”

One among many questions hovering in the mind of people might be: Who is qualified as a servant of God to receive tithes?