Oshiomhole Threatens To Withdraw BEDC’s License In Edo


Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, given the epileptic power situation in the state has threatened to revoke Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC’s Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

Oshiomhole decried the BEDC’s indiscriminate disconnection, failure to deliver power to the people and exploitation of the consumers through exorbitant charges.

At a meeting with BEDC management in Benin City, the governor accused the company of alleged criminal extortion of the people through their billings despite the fact that they failed to fulfill their obligations of giving electricity to the people.

The governor lamented the company’s prohibitive charges imposed on the people of the state, as well as the  arrogance with which they respond when consumers genuinely raise concerns about growing darkness and rising bills.

Oshiomhole reiterated that it is absolutely unacceptable in a civilized society for the company to resort to tactics which are meant to destroy the economy of this state, make life miserable for families and create such confusion.

oshiomhole threatens BEDC's license

In his words;

“When I hear as you have often done that you have shut down in Igarra, in different parts of the state, including Benin area and Esan area, because people protested in a manner that you don’t approve of, you resort to abusing your power by disconnecting them. If you abuse your power like that, and I respond the same way, as I have the power to revoke your certificate of occupancy of the property that you own in Edo State,  you will not be able to do business in this state without the approval of Edo State Government.”

As the governor of the state, Oshiomhole said he has continued to appropriate public funds to provide facilities that ought to be provided by Benin Electricity Distribution Company.

According to him, the government has no business buying transformers as that is part of the cost which a distribution company should take on board. Taxpayers’ money have been used to buy these transformers and with or without power supply, BEDC still collects exorbitant rates.