Omotola: My Husband Goes To Market Because Of My Celebrity Status


The famous Nigerian Actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde says her husband Matthew Ekeinde, is the one who goes to the market to purchase their household food stuff because of her celebrity status.

Speaking on her career and family lifestyle, the Nollywood actress described her husband as a ‘strong man’ and very understanding when it comes to her career. She also shade a little light on her challenges in the movie industry and how people perceive her personality.

“When we started (acting) they wanted the men to be the fore runners, and I said I’m not stopping any man from being the fore runner – It’s a human right—but I also said if I wanted to be the fore runner, I would work hard to be the fore runner, and you would respect me as a front runner.

“A lot of people have had problems with that, they either feel I’m too strong or you know culturally, you should fall back and all of that. I say no. I would respect you, but I would do it my way. So that is what I have had most challenges with even in my career.”

Omotola shared her believes that men and women should complement each other in marriage, contrary to some circumstances where women are seen as weak and inferior.


“I always tell people that women are stronger than men, psychologically. Let me tell you something more, my husband is actually the one who goes to the market. I don’t go to the market because I can’t. Because of my status, I can’t.

“But my husband didn’t say, ‘You know traditionally, a man is not supposed to go to the market, I’m not gonna go,’ no. My husband actually goes to the market.”

The celebrity, who recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary, described her husband as “a strong man for understanding my status”.

She recounted an experience that lead to the swap in the ‘grocery shopping’ duty over to the head of the family.

“In my earlier career, I used to go with him but I’d stay in the car, because our cars are tinted. But then, one time we went to Tejuosho and someone found out I was in the car. 

“It became a major security risk, so he told me not to go with me again. He goes and he have fun and he comes back home, then I do the cooking, so you see we strengthen each other.

“Men feel when I intimidate my woman, when I hold her down; that shows I’m strong, no! That shows you’re weak.”

Omotola and her husband exchanged marriage vows in 1996. The Nollywood star was just 18 years at the time and since, the blissful union has produced four kids.

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