OMG! Locals Killed Gigantic Python In Nigeria, Made Shocking Discovery


Some locals who killed an anaconda size python in what looked like an arid area in Nigeria, were shocked to discover dozens of eggs as they sliced up the reptile whom they thought had swallowed a livestock.

The snake has been a thorn in the flesh of locals who accused it of feasting on farmer’s livestock. But contrary to what they expected, the snake was not overweight because of its meal, it was heavily pregnant.

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Below is a sordid image of the python which appears to be almost a foot wide and several metres long.

Judging by the size of the snake, it looks very much like anaconda.

Comments trooping in from astonished viewers suggested it was a good thing the snake was killed, otherwise hundreds of baby snakes would have formed a snake villa in the area.

Taking a wide guess from the image, the men who captured the snake are likely to be soldiers hacking up the reptile for a rare delicacy. In Nigeria, precisely in ancient city of Badagry, snakes are potential meat for many of the locals. A market located in the heart of the city is meant for buying and selling snakes.

Some of the locals don’t eat snakes, but as a result of the booming market, they capture huge snakes and sell, at substantial amount, to local restaurateurs who sell snake meat pepper soup for interested customers.


Like all pythons, it is reported that the African rock python is non-venomous, therefore it kills it prey by strangling and snuff life out of it; whether human or animal. After gripping the prey, the snake coils around it, tightening its coils every time the victim breathes out.

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Tales of these anacondas has been told by soldiers and they are also found in the deepest and dampest area of the tropical rainforests in eastern part of Nigeria such as Anambra state; a state famous for its wide live habitats including alligators, and crocodiles. Death by pythons are thought to be caused by cardiac arrest rather than by asphyxiation or crushing.

African rock python feeds on a variety live animals ranging from rodents, monkeys, bats, lizards, crocodiles, livestock – chicken, goats etc. They might appear sluggish, but very quick in action.