OMG! Heavily Pregnant Snake Found Under The Fridge Of Australian Woman


A deadly and pregnant eastern snake was found under the refrigerator in a modern house at suburban Adelaide, the woman got the fright of her life when she went to get some water from the fridge and discovered the head of the huge brown snake peering from underneath her refrigerator. The sight is not something that is seen everyday and one can definitely imagine what could have happened if the snake had remained well hidden and not discovered before it lays its 15 fresh eggs!

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Rolly Burrell from Snake Catchers, Adelaide, who caught the snake, said this on Wednesday:

“It’s lucky that she saw the snake now or she might have been going to the fridge to get a drink later on and seen all these little critters all over the place.”

“I’ve been catching snakes for 40 years and I make it look easy and when you’re doing 300 snakes a month you tend to get a little bit blasé (indifferent because you’ve seen it more often).”

Deadly, heavily pregnant snake found

Mr. Burrel told 891 ABC Adelaide that the fridge made an ideal nest for the female snake, with the right sort of temperature and humidity to incubate the eggs, the snake found the refrigerator a good environment for its nest.

He also confirmed the rarity of such snakes by saying;

“It’s probably the first one I’ve seen in 40 years of catching snakes, but she decided that she was going to lay them there I think.

“Usually the brown snakes will lay their eggs and she will leave,

“If I were to let her go, somewhere else, she would have probably died, the eggs would have died, so we are just nursing the eggs and looking after her for a few weeks.”

Mr. Burrell said the snake was not aggressive.

“They (referring to snakes) don’t come chasing people and bite people. If you leave them alone and have a healthy respect for them, they aren’t a problem.”

You never know what or where these creatures could be hiding in your territory, so keep your eyes and ears open especially if you have a garden or bush around your house.