Omawumi Angrily Walks Out of Interview On Live TV, See Why (Video)


Being a celebrity comes with a price that should be welcomed alongside the fame. During an interview with Omawumi Yusuf (Nee Megbele), the West Africa Idol 1st runner-up and mother of two, angrily walked out of the set for being asked about a personal ill habit.

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The interview was going on well until the big question which provoked the music diva. The amazing singer honored the interview request of “Da Chat” with Zinnia, a show on HFTV Africa, but when it seemed to her that the interviewer didn’t mean her well by asking her how she manages her smoking and drinking habits as a mother and role model, she stumps out on live TV.


Although the host and Omawumi have known each other since 2007, she found pleasure in asking the singer some tough and offensive questions, which was tactfully answered though. One of such was the rumor that Omawumi’s husband was not the father of her daughter, to which the singer responded “eww” and “God forbid”.

The question that broke the camel’s back came about 14 minutes into the interview, and that became the last question Omawumi could tolerate and she ended the interview and walked out of Zinnia. But before her exit, this is what went down:

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Omawumi: I will not honour you with a response. I feel like that is a taint to my character. Have you seen me smoking before?”

Zinnia: No.

Omawumi: So why would you say that? You see me as an artist, I am contributing what I can. I make music the way that I should and I come here and honour your invitation and then you sit down and talk about my smoking  and drinking to people who are listening. And you’re supposed to mean me well when these people are supposed to be the ones that are buying my music. Now, when you say that sort of thing, do you mean me well? Do you mean me well?

Zinnia: Of course I do.

Omawumi: So why would you say something that you’re not sure about? You can’t ask me to kill a rumor that you are not sure about…as a rumor, you need to go and dig and get your facts right before you ask somebody something . . . and that is the end of this interview. (She leaves the scene).

Watch Omawumi Walk Out on “Da Chat” with Zinnia (start from 13.00 minutes)