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A 26-year old man, Oluwaseyi Babatola, has sentenced himself to a life of mental torture following the death of five people, including two children, which he engineered.

Speaking with a correspondent of Punch, the young man confessed to burning to death five family members while they were sleeping, stating that he is being haunted by the memories of the two children, Samuel and Osaze, who died along with their mother (Janet Isuawaand), Janet’s cousin (Taphael) and their grandmother, when he set their apartment on fire on April 15, 2015, at Sabongari, Bwari, in the Federal Capital Territory.

Babatola, who is being detained by the FCT Special Anti-Robbery Squad, was also injured in the fire which destroyed the entire building, including their (Babatolas’) apartment.

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Oluwaseyi Babatola
The Suspect, Oluwaseyi Babatola.

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Narrating the incident that led to the tragedy, Oluwaseyi Babatola, a mobile phone technician, said he started dating Janet, a divorcee, sometime ago, adding that he supported her and the children financially. As he said, the relationship became shaky after he demanded sex, noting that each time he asked for sex, Janet would turn him down and taunt him. Babatola said matters came to a head on April 12 when Janet informed him that his mother had told her that he suffered from hernia and therefore she could not date him. Hear him:

“Janet said my mother told her that I suffer from hernia, and that she could not date me; she called me a ‘mugu’ (fool), and said she had chopped my money. So, I went to where she was charging the phone I bought for her and took it.

“She attacked me and bit my chest, and as I struggled to free myself from her grip, her cousin, Taphael, came in and pushed me down and held me there while she beat me with her fists.

“After I left the house, Janet’s younger sister called me on the telephone and abused me, saying they would deal with me if I come to the house again,”

Babatola added;

“On the night of April 15, around 11pm, I went to the house and found that the gate was locked. I scaled the fence into the compound. I went towards Janet’s room and saw her sleeping, as the window was opened because there was no power supply.

“I went to the bathroom, where she kept a gallon of fuel and poured it into the room through the window; the room caught fire from a lighted lantern. I headed for the bush to hang myself, but my phone suddenly rang and my brother told me that our house just got burnt; I told him I did it and that I was about to commit suicide.

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“He said I should not, and persuaded me to report to the police,” 

“Every night, I remember how I used to relate with Janet’s two sons; I have not been able to erase their memories from my mind; I can’t get them off my mind, they haunt me every time.

“I thought it was only Janet that was in the room, I didn’t know the children were there. I thought they had gone for a vigil with their grandmother who attended vigil every Thursday.”

A senior police officer reported that Oluwaseyi Babatola was ignorant that he had killed all the family members, until he saw their charred corpses the next morning, adding that the suspect would be charged to court soon.