Olusegun Obasanjo Reflections: Former President Reveals Why God Has Been Partial To Him


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has disclosed why God has been partial to him as well as his satisfaction with the Buhari-led administration so far.

Obasanjo said God had been partial to him as he did not deserve the favour bestowed on him. He stated this at a thanksgiving service organized in his honour by the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter, ahead of his 80th birthday scheduled to hold on Sunday, March 5.

At the thanksgiving service which was held at the Treasure House of God, Agbeloba, Abeokuta, Obasanjo said he had no regrets at such an age.

Given the village where he hails from, Ibogun Olaogun, and the illiterate parents that gave birth to him, the former President said he never thought his name would even be known in the next village let alone the whole of Nigeria, Africa and the world in general.

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Obasanjo also recounted his ordeal after he was alleged to be involved in planning a coup against the regime of the late dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha. He said it was due to divine intervention that he came out of prison alive. Hear him;

“God has been partial to me by showing me so much favour that I do not deserve.

“If you don’t know anything about me at all, go to the village where I was born. I was born by parents that were illiterates. There was no road to the village then. One could not boast of even being known in the next village…

“I was confused when i came out of the prison and people were mounting pressure on me to come out and contest the Presidency in the run-up to the 1999 general elections. God has done so much more than I deserve. I thank God for this.”

Also, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria at his hilltop residence in Abeokuta, while reflecting on the Buhari administration since 2015, Obasanjo said President Muhammadu Buhari has not disappointed him since he assumed office in 2015.

CAN on Buhari

He stated that the President had done his best to move the country forward. Hear him; “Whatever anybody says, President Buhari has not disappointed me from what I know of him.”

Obasanjo praised Buhari for delivering on his core areas of strength and ability, particularly in the  anti-corruption crusade and the war against insurgency. In his words;

“In my book, I have said Buhari is not strong on the economy and I did not write this to run him down.

“I also used to think that he is not strong in the area of foreign affairs, but I have realized that he has improved very well. He has actually done his best in the areas where we know him to be strong.”

Obasanjo further urged Nigerians not to relent in their support for Buhari and not to give up on Nigeria, as whatever is being seen as bad here has been experienced by other societies at some period in their history.

The veteran politician called on all Nigerians to join hands together and consider how to make the best out of the present situation, rather than condemn the leadership. He said;

“Our present situation is a passing phase and we need to be resilient to ensure that we are not consumed by it.

“I will be the first to admit that we have not been where we should have been, but note that we have also been far from where we could have been because it could have been worse.

“It is the height of ingratitude for people to say Nigeria has not achieved anything or much as a nation.”

On the call for national conferences or assemblies to negotiate the continued unity of Nigeria, the former President condemned such calls describing them as distractions.

He reiterated that Nigerians need one another as all he sees in those groups calling for a secession are just people who want more of the national cake.

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“I think that rather than engage in violence, they should think of how to build on the sacrifices of the generations before them,” he said.

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