How My Bishop-Father Endorsed My Marriage To Muslim – Ogun First Lady


In an interview with Vanguard, the First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs. Olufunsho  Amosun, who turned 50 recently, explained how she converted from Christianity to Islam after she got married to Governor, then Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

She explained why as a staunch Christian with a bishop father, she is married to a Muslim. According to the First Lady:

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First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs Olufunsho Amosun

“The first person I told I wanted to get married to a Muslim was my mother. First, she burst into tears. And then she asked me whether I had told my dad and I said no and I could see that mischievous smile (laughter).

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“But, today, my mother and my husband are like the best of friends and, of course, I get my pound of flesh back sometimes when they are joking and she has forgotten! I will say, ‘Eh! Muslim lo fe fe’ (meaning, you want to marry a Muslim). And she will tell me ‘get away’ (more laughter). You are just lucky! Thank your God. So, that sort of worked itself out.

“When I told my dad, he said, ‘Ah, okay, well, we just have to pray about this one’. But somehow, they hit it off very well. The thing about it is, my husband believes in God. My husband, I will say, is even more religious than me. He truly believes in God, he has faith in God that all things are possible and when you see somebody that is so committed and you see that based on his faith; not challenging God, but telling God that ‘I believe in you’ and you see time and time and time again those things manifesting… it started from me having faith in his faith.

“I have faith in his faith, God and that just made it so easy, because I could see that God did not fail him and I know that my husband doesn’t believe in anything else, except God.”

Asked if there was any deliberate attempt by her husband to convert her to Islam she said, “Not really. But yes!”.

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Mrs. Olufunsho Amosun further stated:

“I pray the Muslim way because we are a very close-knit family and, in the beginning, I will tell my children, ‘Oya, time to pray’. ‘But mummy how come you are not praying with us?’ ‘Does that mean daddy’s God is not a good God?’ My children will ask me. And that was when I began to give it a thought. It didn’t take much time before I joined them. The rest, as they say, is history.”