Queens College Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault Defends Himself


The teacher, Mr. Olaseni Osifala, who was recently alleged to have sexually molested a JSS 2 student of  Queen’s College, has denied the allegations saying it is a mere conjecture by his enemies who want to drag his reputation to the mud.

Mr. Osifala who went to the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, on Tuesday, where he lodged an official complaint, told a correspondent of New Telegraph that among the reasons why his enemies were after his career, and possibly his life were his rising profile in the college and the fact that he had grabbed about five out of the seven available prizes for the best teacher at the college last year.

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According to the accused teacher:

“I was employed as Biology teacher and posted to the school in 2003, and within the period, apart from my normal academic duties, I have served about six principals at the college as their personal assistants.

“I have never lobbied for this position and even when I was removed as the school’s Maintenance Officer and another teacher was installed, it was discovered that many of the school items were being stolen. Many were caught with raw food items from kitchen, cooking gas and cylinders, among others. Those who were caught apparently felt I was responsible for their predicament, and they have never hidden their hatred for me.”

To further prove his innocence, Olaseni Osifala said anyone could call the past principals of the college including the immediate past, Mrs. E. Osime, and even the immediate past Principal of the King’s College, Lagos, Otunba Oladele Olapeju. He said all of them can testify of his character, and “even when I reduced my activities at the college they brought another Principal, Dr. Lami Amodu, who still insisted I should work with her,” he added.

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Mr. Olaseni Osifala declared his faith in God to vindicate him in the case saying, “On Monday, I was with the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, in company with the school principal. I was not through at the CP’s office in Ikeja until around 7pm on Monday. But I am sure my God is a God of justice.”

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The teacher also drew a connection between the crisis and the conflict between the current leadership of the school’s Old Students’ Association and another set, who he claimed had felt the new President of the association, Mrs. Shirley Okharedia, was so much their junior to be the president.

He nevertheless, pleaded with all government and non-governmental organisations to carry out in depth investigation into the accusation.