See Photos of Olajumoke Orisaguna and Her White Model Friends


With everyday comes a new and interesting life for Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller turned model. Her career  as a model has opened windows to more friends, especially those in her field. On Wednesday, the Google’s Most Shared Nigerian met some white modls at the press conference of Kinabuti’s ‘Dare2Dream‘ academy, a seasonal programme sponsored by First City Monuments. The white girls instantly fell in love with Olajumoke and posed with her for photographs.


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The ‘Dare2Dream’ model search is an international youth empowerment initiative which is dedicated to discover aspiring models with great potentials in fashion styling, singing, dancing and presenting. The academy reportedly empowers these models by putting them through tough training to meet world standard.


Although the information has not yet been confirmed if Olajumoke would be joining the selected models in this season’s batch. But hopefully, she has been recognized by the agency and its models and has a high chance of being included.


Meanwhile, while at the conference at the Kinabuti Studio in Ikoyi, Olajumoke was recorded doing a short Instagram video. The mother of two, who has just moved into her Newly Furnished Apartment in Surulere Courtesy of Sujimoto Construction, introduced herself as ‘the breadseller’ once again, after she had urged the media to stop referring to her as that.


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In the video, the 27-year old model spoke in Yoruba and it was interesting, as she kept laughing and robbing her eyes as though she was shy. As part of the goodwill Olajumoke received in her rise to stardom, she has been enrolled in an English language class to help her learn how to engage in basic communications in English, especially now that she has white models added to her friend’s list.