Peter Okoye Apologizes To Fans On Behalf Of P-Square


The issues between the Okoye brothers have lingered to the point where fans are becoming less interested in their matter.

On Monday 25th July, one of the Okoye brothers, Peter, posted a video of himself apologizing to the P-square fans and promising that they are back together for good.

We do not know for sure of this is another publicity stunt or the musical duo is back for real. In what has become a back-and-forth between the Okoye brothers, Peter Okoye has announced the group’s reunion, with Jude Okoye set to get back in charge.

Okoye Brothers

A few hours ago, the trio took to Instagram at the same time, to post the same message that reads that it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY.

Peter also revealed in a statement on his Instagram that the drama hasn’t impacted positively on their attempted individual careers and admitting his role in the public family mess.

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“My dear fans, P-Square is back. Ours is a journey that started from our mother’s womb. It was a journey that started from Primary School, continued to St. Murumba College, to when we were in University in Abuja.

“It was a journey in which we shared childhood memories and grown-up dreams. We are back because brothers do not let each other wander in the dark alone. We are back because we have tried the lonely road and it was not the same.

‘” want to take responsibility for what has happened and sincerely apologize to you our fans. For supporting us throughout this journey we owed you so much more than what you have had to endure and I apologize for that. We are embarking now on a new journey with exciting new management (Jude Okoye), new music and new ideas.

“We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and support throughout this difficult period. Maya Angelou once said that brotherhood is a condition that people have to work at. We will continue to work on that and you can be prepared to be blown away by this new phase of P-Square.”

Okoye Brothers


Meanwhile, it’s about 24 hours since after Peter Okoye posted a cry video to their fans, and none of his brothers have commented on it.

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Does this mean they are not back for good or they just want to keep fans guessing what this whole drama is all about?

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