Oil Bunkery: Woman Arrested For Connecting Water Well to NNPC Pipeline


Fuel scarcity in Nigeria has made people more creative and smart about making more money with the nations resources through oil bunkery. A 59-year-old landlady in Lagos, Mrs. Floyinka Ayinda, was arrested and detained at Idimu division for allegedly tapping into the pipeline of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in Isheri Olofin area of Lagos.

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She was charged with vandalism of an NNPC pipeline after it was discovered to be connected to a pipe water well in her house. According to the report, the woman has been siphoning petrol illegally at her residence located at KML 1, LASU Road, Iyana Odo bus stop in Isheri Olofin, for the past three years.

The officers of the Anti-Vandalism Intelligence Unit Team B set up by Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, were alerted and investigated the suspect weeks before her arrest. However, Mrs. Ayinde admitted that some vandals have been operating in her house, but she was not involved in the bunkering.


Oil bunkery
water/Petrol well and gallons of petrol

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She claimed that she had reported to NNPC officials, who however did nothing to stop the act, and that she now regrets not reporting the incidence to the police, because NNPC had asked her not to bother. She also stated that she had never asked the people, who came to her as NNPC officials, if they were really from NNPC. Thinking in retrospect, she now suspects their genuity.

While Nigerians still battle with fuel scarcity and are yet to feel the impact of the good news that was shared earlier about Nigerian refineries producing 6.7 million litres of petrol daily, Floyinka Ayinda, who should be taking care of her grandchildren, is busy storing and selling petrol illegally, and at a give away price.

Although it appears like a smart savvy move, but it is a fraudulent act. Either Mrs. Ayinde allowed the bunkers use her house without knowing the implications of their act, or she is only playing innocence to avoid being penalized. Currently, she is still in detention and may be taken to Abuja for further interrogation.

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