Militant Leader Threatens Buhari’s Family In New Video [Watch]


A very distressful video emerged on Thursday, July 7, showing an alleged leader of the NDA simply named Ogheneochuko, unleashing threats that the militant group will soon carry out attacks against the entire family of President Muhammadu Buhari and his daughter Zahra, in particular.

Ogheneochuko who claimed to be the second in command of the Niger Delta Avengers said the video was for the “corrupt leaders of the zoo called Nigeria”. In the video the militant leader noted that the lives of some governors in the south-east are also at risk, for their continued support of the Nigerian government.

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“Good day to lovers of freedom and bad day to Nigerians. This is the branch of second Avenger, number 2 from Orogun in Delta State. And this is my video for you the corrupt leaders of the zoo called Nigeria.

“My name is Ogheneochuko in Urobo meaning Chinedu in Igbo.

“Buhari’s family will die soon and most especially that one called Zahra. That is the name I gave to my dog, that is the name of one of my dogs, Zahra. I want  Buhari to know how painful it is to loose a family member.

“If he fails to release our director, Nnamdi Kanu, in the coming days, as you know, we warn you before we do anything we want to do. we will carry out our missions and after Buhari, we will go after all the governors in the Biafra land. “

He noted that though the group did not set out to kill people, they will be forced to go into killing if their demands are not met.

The militant, Ogheneochuko also warned President Buhari to withdraw “his military or Boko Haram members” from Biafra land before the end of this month, otherwise, “what will become of you people, you will never, never, never forget in your life”.

Below is the video with details of the grave warning sent by the leader of the NDA.

Buhari has just started a fight that he can not finish, We warned him! …The unarmed Biafrans you are sending your army to kill are innovative, they are intellectuals, they are warriors. They hardly start up something but when they do, they don't go back. We are Biafrans!!!, We are the avengers!! We will come for you!! Those against Biafra freedom wait for us!!

Posted by Emeka Gift on Thursday, July 7, 2016

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