Sexcapade!! Nigerian Musician Reveals He Has Slept With Over 150 Women


Obiba Sly Collins, a Nigerian musician based in Ghana, has made an alarming disclosure of how he slept with over 150 women. Two of these women according to him, bore two children for him. What  sex spree!!

While speaking with Atinka Ghana FM, a popular radio station in Ghana, the ‘Abrabo’ songster confessed he could only recall about 150 women he had sexual relations with as there could be more than that, asking God to forgive him for all he did. He also revealed that some time ago, one of the ladies whom he had slept with approached him to remind him of their escapades but he could not recognize her anymore.

However, the high-life musician, Obiba Sly Collins has also made it known that he has now turned to Christ Hear him:

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Obiba Sly Collins

“May God forgive me my sins. I met a lady who boldly told me she has had an affair with me but I couldn’t even remember until she mentioned the area and even with that remembering the face was a problem.

“I am telling you they are more than 150. I can’t count them. I have wasted my energy, time, and other resources.

Now I have asked for forgiveness and now I am a changed person. I have also drunk a lot. I smoked weed for 20 good years. But now, because I have taken Christ, I am a different person altogether.”

Having seen it all, Collins therefore, advised others to stay away from such acts because they are the three detractors in life that weaken the human body and also take away blessings and are of the devil.

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Sly Collins has released patriotic and nationalist songs in which he has consistently preached peace and love. In 2008 he called for a ‘violence-free election’ and later followed it up with ‘Peace Song’ in 2012.

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