These Obese Siblings Are Almost Eating Themselves To Death


Three obese siblings suffering from a mysterious disorder which makes them never satisfied are almost eating themselves to death.

All three siblings whose weights are increasing at an alarming rate, suffer breathing problems, even in their sleep, as a result of the health problems caused by excessive eating.

Their worried parents Rameshbhai and Pragnaben Nandwana are afraid they are powerless to stop them from eating as they struggle to handle their overweight children.

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5-year-old Yogita, weighs 33.5 kilos – which is a third heavier than she should be at her age. 4-year-old-Amisha’s weight is particularly alarming as she weighs 51 kilos, three times more than an average child her age.

Her condition is already causing her breathing difficulties and she is continuing to gain weight at a fast pace, putting her health at risk.


Their 18-month-old brother, Harsh already weighs 16 kilos. However, their sister, Bhavika, has a healthy size for now.

When the children were born their parents, did not spot anything out of the ordinary, until the children started eating solid foods, then they realized that something was not right.

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The parents from Gujarat in India say; all three of the children continue to consume massive portions of rice, flat bread, dhal like adults and when not fed, they cry.

Their father laments that the situation has left them all suffering because kids at their age generally run and play but his were having trouble doing so.


The couple sought treatment to help their children at Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. A series of tests were carried out on all three obese siblings and blood samples were sent to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where they were tested as part of an international study into the genetic causes of child obesity.

Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at Civil Hospital, Doctor Charul Purani said the children’s case is a rare one which he is witnessing for the first time.

Professor of Metabolism, Sadaf Farooqi said though there is currently no treatment for their condition, the doctors are however hopeful as a number of possible drugs which could be useful for the children are currently undergoing trials.

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An optimistic father of the obese siblings, Rameshbhai also retains high hopes that treatment will someday make his children healthy.