Trouble in Paradise: Obasanjo’s 5 Questions To Jonathan


With elections barely one month away, it has become really important for parties to define their boundaries and know who is with them, and who is against them. In this light, President Goodluck Jonathan has been running around to rally up supporters from the highest cadre and save his trudge to a second tenure. In an attempt to restore peace to the rocky relationship between the President and OBJ, and ensure the latter’s support for the president’s re-election, the PDP board of trustees had pleaded with the former President to host The Presidency in his house for a closed-door meeting. After much talks, OBJ was said to had reluctantly agreed, not because he was ready to talk peace, but because of the respect he had for the seat of the presidency.

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Forgetting that he had just days before referred to OBJ and other elder statesmen as “motor park touts”, President Goodluck arrived in Abeokuta, lavishing praise on OBJ as the best President Nigeria ever had, but Baba was obviously not buying what Goodluck was selling. As they say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. OBJ had conveniently requested the presence of prominent clergymen Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church and Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel as witnesses to the meting.

The meeting which lasted for only 3 hours, was said to have been a frank discussion of how Obasanjo felt about everything Jonathan has done and all the agreements he had failed to honor since he assumed office. Therefore, in the presence of the respected clergymen, Obasanjo asked Jonathan the following 5 very crucial questions and charged him to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

1. What happened to Nigeria’s external reserve and Sovereign Wealth Fund?

2. Did you agree to run for only one term or not?

3. What did you tell me was your reason for not going after Boko Haram insurgents even when I told you this will boomerang?

4. Did you give licence to Niger Delta militants (Dokubo and Tompolo) to import arms in the name of their privately owned companies? If so, for what reason?

5. Did you not get correspondence from the United States consulate that a certain citizen named Buruji Kashamu is indicted for drug trafficking? Why did you appoint the same Kashamu as South West leader of PDP rather than hand him over to the US? And did the PDP give automatic Senate ticket to a wanted and convicted drug baron?


The frank no-nonsense manner with which Obasanjo made his stance known was what probably broke up the meeting faster than it should have lasted. The meeting was said to had closed up when Jonathan could not give proper straight forward answers to these questions.

According to a source who was present at the meeting, “What really irked Baba is the reference by Jonathan to some Nigerian elder statesmen as behaving as ‘motor park touts’ a day before begging him to grant him audience in Abeokuta. The man really feels insulted by such unfortunate outburst from the president of a country.

The source went on to say that Baba felt no need for a peace agreement since it is obvious that Jonathan only wanted his support for the coming elections.

Adding salt to injury, Obasanjo met with Buhari and leaders of the All People’s Congress (APC) few hours after the meeting with Jonathan. At the meeting with Buhari, he made it known that he will support the best candidate irrespective of party affiliation.


This open display of support for APC and its presidential aspirant is sending a deliberate message that Obasanjo has finally abandoned Jonathan and that the meeting to settle their differences did no achieve anything. It seems like the meeting galvanized OBJ into action towards APC rather than PDP.

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