Snail Meat: 8 Nutritional Facts That Will Shock You


Snail is a common name given to a member of the class of Molluscs Gastropoda. In ancient times, these snails are usually hunted by farmers because they regarded them as pests.

But after learning that this animal has a wide range of benefits, where this animal contains a lot of protein and also contains essential amino acids complete so that the snails do not go unpunished.

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Besides consumption, snails were also used in trade and soon after, in cultivation. For a good barter, snails had to be fatter, tastier and better. Even meat extract and snail slime contain benefits for treating the lining inflammation of the eye, pain due to menstruation, itching, toothache and others.

Not only for health, but there are some types of snails that are beneficial for skin beauty. Even in other countries, the use of snails for skin beauty is already popular.


Called Congo meat in Nigeria, Snail can be fried, roasted, boiled and served with any type of soup. It can be eaten with vegetables, oil bean, garlic, butter and parsley sauce. In America, Austria, Africa (Nigeria and South Africa), it is consumed as a main meal.

Although due to cultural practices and beliefs, some people do not take snail meat not knowing that is highly medicinal and nutritious. If you are one of such persons, these nutritional facts might just be the push you need to start consuming this highly medicinal and nutritious meal.

Nutritional And Medicinal Benefits of Snail

An average Snail is said to be comprised of 80% water, 15% protein, and 2.4% of fat which is primarily healthy fat. Thus, snails are ideal for weight watchers because they are good sources of proteins but low in calories and fat. Imagine for a 100-gram serving of snail, you have about 90calories.

Essential fatty acids like calcium, iron, selenium, and magnesium are also found in snails.y are

Snails are a rich source of vitamins too and are highly packed with vitamins E, A, K and B12.


An average snail also contains a glycoprotein which is believed to contain cancer-fighting properties. The mucous exuded by these creatures contain a copper compound which helps in healing after an injury or scalding and also helps in preventing heart disorders.

The snail slime is extremely rich in allantonin, collagen and elastin, which is beneficial for the treatment of skin diseases and broken bones. The secretions also have a copper peptide, which is regarded as the only source of a substance manufactured for creating creams that are useful in minimizing scars and wounds.

Serum secreted by these snails is an excellent source of oligosaccharides that act as a hydrator for the skin. When applied directly on the skin, this serum works wonders for acne, enhances natural glow and protects skin cells from environmental damage.

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The venom extracted from the ocean snail is highly beneficial for people suffering from addictions, depression and Parkinson’s disease. This substance produces a synthetic version of the toxin that blocks or stimulates receptors, which release chemicals in the brain.

In addition, toxins excreted by snails are valuable in stimulating dopamine, found lacking in people with neurological diseases.