Nigerian Dog Hosted To A Send Off Party Before Relocating To Sri Lanka


A reunion and send-off party was held in honor of a dog by the Nigeria Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (NSPCA), the World Animals Day Ambassador, and Gaurapad Charities, an NGO in Lagos.

The dog -Shawny whose owner is an 11-year-old boy, Joshua Perera relocated to Sri Lanka from Nigeria is set to rejoin his master.

Master Perera left the dog behind while leaving the country six months ago with his father at the expiration of his contract work with the Delta State Government.

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In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, on the sidelines of the send-off programme, the Executive Director of NSPCA, Mr Emmanuel Eyoh, made a plea urging Nigerians to show compassion for animals, as we cannot live without them.

Mr. Eyoh said the send-off shows that Nigerians have compassion toward animals, and play roles when it matters the most.

Just like Mahatma Ghandi who said that the ‘Greatness of a nation is judged by the way animals are being taken care of,’ Mr. Eyoh stressed that worldwide mantra now is; ‘Be Kind to Animals’.


He urged Nigerians to start showing compassion toward animals because we share the world together and cannot live without them as they provide food, companionship and security for us.

In his words; “Kindness toward animals will result in a better society; a more compassionate and humane society which will make the world a better place to live in.

If someone is cruel to animals, he or she can easily transfer that cruelty to humans, and such attitude will translate to a bad society.”

Eyoh opined that lack of awareness and information about animals generally are the main reasons why many Nigerians are not compassionate and kind towards animals.

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He further stressed the need for schools to introduce humane education, kindness to animals, awareness of environment and animal issues generally to address the situation.