How to Write NPower Test and Login to NPower Assessment Test 

The NPower scheme is one of Nigeria’s Federal Government’s social Investment Programmes created to recruit and empower unemployed Nigerian youths. This article is to prepare you for the next batch, in case you missed out on applying for the just concluded batch. Learn how to log into the NPower assessment test portal and write the Npower test.

Note that to get to the NPower assessment stage, you must have passed the phase of NPower Recruitment and Registration.

How to Write NPower Test

Once you’ve provided accurate records of your BVN and it is confirmed, a text message will be sent to your mobile a day before you can sit for the NPower test. Otherwise, your application process will be discontinued. But if you receive an SMS to write your test, follow these simple steps below:

1. Visit the NPower test Website (

2. Choose any of the N-Power Categories (N-Health, N-Agro, N-Teach, N-Tax) you wish to apply for.

3. Fill in your correct phone number and Bank Verification Number, BVN in other to log in.

4. This will take you to the Dashboard where you will find a button (click here tab) that will lead you to start the test.

You can access the test only when it is available, otherwise, a message on the website will let you know when you get access and when it will be closed.

What to know about the NPower Assessment Test

Here are things you have to know about this phase.

1. First, the N-Power selection process hold in phases all over Nigeria.

2. The assessment test includes Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning, Lateral Thinking, Numerical Analysis, General Knowledge and other questions testing basic knowledge of English.

3. An applicant must also keep in mind that the questions will depend on the program he/she applied for.

4. You can seat for the N-Power Online Tests using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, provided that these devices are connected to the internet.

5. Applicants usually get two chances to attempt and pass the test, so that even if they fail the first time, they get a second opportunity to succeed.

6. Any applicant who has successfully applied for the N-Power with valid BVN should patiently wait and keep alert for information on when the test would be scheduled.

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About the NPower Programme

The aim of NPower programme is to equip eligible Nigerians with large-scale skills, in connection to federal government’s economic, employment and social development policies.

The programme was established to solve, as much as possible, the challenges of unemployment among the youths by providing adequate and short-term training in order to curb inadequate public services in the country.

All the modular programmes under NPower will train participants on their chosen skills, enough to either find a job or create an appropriate source of income.

Purpose of NPower

The sole purpose of N-Power is to diversify Nigeria’s economy by acquainting the youths with the knowledge of the economy.

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With the NPower knowledge, there will be spread of graphic artists, software developers, animators, building service professionals, hardware service professionals, artisans, etc.

It also puts into consideration, non-graduates who are equipped with relevant business and technical skills to improve their work output and livelihood.

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NPower Categories

The NPower programme is made up of the graduate and non-graduate categories.

Graduate Category

The graduate category focuses on Volunteer Corps. It’s a paid post-tertiary involvement for degree/HND holders between age 18 to 35 for a certain duration – precisely 2 years.

During the stipulated period, the eligible candidates will perform their primary tasks at assigned/identified public services within their proximate communities.

Each volunteer is also given a computing device that contains information pertaining to his/her specific assignment, as well as that of continuous training and development.

It has been known that each year, the Federal Government try to engage thousands, usually from 200,000 to 300,000, of volunteers who are university graduates. These volunteers will lend their academic prowess by teaching, instructing, and providing advisory solutions in 4 key areas of the NPower – Agro, Health, Teach and Tax.

Non-Graduate Category

This category is divided into two – NPower Knowledge and NPower Build. Its aim is to train and certify young unemployed, non-tertiary educated Nigerians on the country’s economy and how it works. Both of which are certification programme that will engage and train 75,000 youths.


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