Northern Youth Leaders Forum: Even If Buhari Recovers, We Cant Support Him For 2019


A northern group, the Northern Youth Leaders Forum, responding to calls for Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to step down if Buhri resigns has said the fate of the country cannot be decided by a few.

has said or is unable to continue in office due to ill health.

The group, speaking on Thursday July 13th said no individual or group of individuals can prevent Yemi Osinbajo form taking over leadership of the country if President Muhammadu Buhari continue.


The NYLF national president, Comrade Elliot Afiyo, told Journalist in Abeokuta:

 We want to state that no individual or cabal can stop Prof Yemi Osinbajo from becoming substantive president if President Mohammed Buhari resigns or declared unfit to continue in office.

It is our sincere prayer that President Buhari recovers and completes his term in office. Osinbajo is unstoppable by any group, no matter how powerful or connected the group may be. Nigeria and indeed Nigerians have reached a level that only God can determine our fate and destiny, not a group of selfish individuals anymore.

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The group noted that it would not back Buhari if he decides to contest for president in 2019 because the cabinet of the present administration contained many people who have been indicted for alleged corrupt practices.

Even if Buhari recovers and he decides on his own to contest we will not support him. The reason is because we entered into an agreement with him on the fight against corruption and he agreed to pursue it

That was why it took him almost a year to bring out a list of his cabinet. The list that was presented contained all corrupt people and he told us. He eventually appointed people who were allegedly indicted by security reports of corruption