10 Greatest Scandals That Rocked Nollywood


We all love scandals; not getting embroiled in one, but seeing the people the society has placed at the highest plinths knock themselves off at least once in a while. And while a great majority of fans will be quick to voice their disapprovals every time a new scandal hits the ground, some of us seemingly can’t get enough.

Nollywood is not exceptional when it comes to adorning its fans with its fair share of controversies. After all who would want to watch movies that appear to have been starred by angels… who would want to watch movies whose actors are not willing to get off the screen, do some nasty stuff, and at least make themselves the laughing stock?

That said, here are the top 10 Nollywood Scandals that rocked the industry over the past decade:

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1. Allegations of Ernest Obi Assaulting his daughter – 2007


Being in the spotlight puts you in a better position to get laid with whomever you want at any time, right? Well, the current chairman of the Lagos-State-Chapters-of-the-Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ernest Obi, might have been oblivious of this when he allegedly assaulted his 16-year old step daughter, Vanessa. Far worse, it’s reported that the Nollywood star made Vanessa pregnant twice, and even went ahead to pay for the abortions.

2. Uche Oduputa Arrested for Drug Trafficking – 23rd March, 2007


This was another shocking scandal that rocked Nollywood, just at the beginning of the scandalous 2007. Uche Oduputa, famously known for playing lovers role in several hits, was arrested on 23rd March 2007 at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport for trafficking cocaine.

He was later charged in court and then sentenced to a 6-year jail-term, after which much of him has not been heard—except for the circulating rumours of him of employment as a driver.

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3. Tonto Announcing that she was Deflowered by DJ Jimmy Jatt


Following the controversies that keep following this Nollywood star, no one could have guessed who deflowered her. But thanks to her, we now know that Jimmy Jatt was somehow involved in transforming her from that innocent little girl—only known to her family–to that wild Nollywood star who would not give a second thought if asked to play explicit roles in Nollywood movies. After Jimmy Jatt, we also know of her sexual involvement with 2face, WizKid, Iyanya and KC Presh among others.

4. Cosy Orjiakor getting intimate with a dog


We all have heard the clichéd phrase, “all men are dogs.” But only a few of us have actually had the courage to experience the men’s side of dogs. Cossy, after posting her nude photos for everyone to see, went ahead and enjoyed an intimate moment with a dog. And even though she’s been denying this rumour at every turn, the overly exposure of her s**y body all over the internet has had most of us convinced otherwise.

5. The Jim Iyke and Emeka Ike’s scuffle over a married woman


Another scandal that’s still shaking Nollywood is the answer to this simple question, “who dated the anonymous woman from the US… Jim Iyke or Emeka Ike? And while this artless question is enough to make these two stars kill each other, the answer to it is pretty simple; both of them dated the same woman, who outrightly played them with each other.

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