Top 5 Popular Nollywood Celebrities Who Now Turned Pastors

The lifestyle of Nigerian celebrities seems not to be anything next to that of saints. It is usually something alluring, pleasing flashy, glamorous and fast, but what would you know? Many leading actors and actresses who helped kick-start the industry with their incredible gifts in acting and entertainment have quit their old lifestyle of pleasing and entertaining, to circulate their love for God and mankind by becoming pastors (even though people do say that pastors today are more of entertainers). However, with the fire of religion sweeping through the country and the fact that church now seems more like a marketplace, one begins to wonder how many of these celebrities who turned pastors would be called “good and faithful servants” on the last day. These celebrities gave up their glamorous and celebrity lifestyles and were ordained into church pastorate.

Elizabeth Benson-Ameye

Elizabeth Benson popularly called Liz Benson was popular in the 90’s. In 1993, she played a role in the popular soap opera ‘Fortunes’ which lasted for almost 2 years. Later on, she appeared in many movies and TV series. In 1994, she became the subject of many outrageous or malicious gossips and controversies regarding her role in popular movie ‘Glamour Girls’. A movie which was centred on whoring. The actress later moved away from the movie industry to recreate her image and portray a better one. According to reports, she got ordained as an evangelist in 2006, got married to her husband, Bishop Great Ameye of Freedom Family Assembly in Warri, Delta State, and now runs the church with her husband.

Okey Ogunjiofor


He released the movie ‘Living in Bondage’in 1992 which paved way for the birth of Nollywood so I guess you could say that he pioneered the Nigerian movie industry. Even though he no longer acts, he is into television and film production, so you could say that he did not fully leave the entertainment industry. He is now a pastor in addition to what he does and calls himself an actor and a preacher of the gospel. He quit acting because he believed it to be a hobby. Presently, he spreads the good news, gives inspirational speeches and has written numerous motivational Christian books.

Zack Orji


He was the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) but made the big decision to absolutely devote his life to God. He was later ordained full-time evangelist and a Pastor as a member of the pastoral council at the Power Line Bible Church and presently spreads the word of God all over the world. Zack Orji has been immensely involved in some evangelical activities all over Nigeria as well as well as outside Nigeria. This well experienced Nollywood actor does not regret the brazen and bold decision he made as he enjoys every bit of it. Well, why not if it takes you places. Note that even though he is an ordained Pastor, he is still very much an actor but carefully chooses his role these days.

Eucheria Anunobi


Eucharia Anunobi also was a subject of scandal and controversies after playing a role in the movie ‘Glamour Girls’. Afterwards, she suffered regarding her failed marriage which also caused controversies and scandals. As time went on, she issued a statement about her repentance which was even more controversial. According to her statement, she had given her life to Christ and is now a full-blown “born again”. She was anointed at the Fresh Oil Ministry, Egbeda, Lagos, as an evangelist and now preaches as a pastor. More surprisingly, she counsels youth in the church and visit places spreading the gospel. Isn’t that touching?

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Pat Attah


Do you ever wonder why Pat Attah no longer appears in movies? This good-looking Nollywood hunk is now a pastor and can’t afford to accept any role that will compromise his church standards. He used to win ladies’ hearts and might still be doing so even as a pastor, but he is currently winning hearts and souls for Jesus. The well-formed actor and singer resides in Hamburg, Germany. He preaches often and even uses social networks sites such as Facebook to spread the Word of God to everyone. Handsome Pat Attah is currently using his “handsomeness” to the glory of God so ladies please lay off. Don’t put asunder in his ministry o! (the guy fine sha)

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Charles Okafor

Actors Turned Pastors

Charles Okafor who interprets his roles as a pastor in the movies to a perfection has also decided to try it out in real life. Whether called by God or otherwise, the veteran actor who recently made a comeback to the industry starring in Stanlee Ohikhuare’s Idahosa Trials and also in Uche Jombo’s Misplaced is presently winning souls for Christ.

Kanayo O. Kanayo

Actors Turned Pastors

Born Anayo Modestus Onyekwere but popularly known as Kanayo O. Kanayo, the evergreen Nollywood actor also makes it to our list as he is said to be serving in the Lord’s vineyard now. Reports have it that he is mostly seen precaching at Christ Mission Worldwide Church, Egbeda.

Larry Koldsweat

Actors Turned Pastors

Uncle Larry, as he is fondly called has also jumped boat – abandoning Nollywood, with all its glitz and glamour for the life of the cross as a sherpherd of God’s pasture.

Edith Jane Ayalogu (nee Azuh)

Edith is also an actress in the mould of Liz Benson and the rest and very popular for her hit film, Tears In Heaven. She also starred in Intimate Strangers and Double Bond. Edith quit Nollywood to answer the divine call for ministry. Her husband says he felt hard done by when she decided to quit Nollywood after their marriage but has come to support his wife, claiming he cannot fight God’s divine order.

Dan Oluigbo

Don Onuigbo may be relatively unknown to present generation Nollywood fans but he is one of the pioneers of what is known today as Nollywood. Apart from starring as a chief priest in the 1992 first Nigerian movie, Living In Bondage he has starred in other films such as Evil Deed and Stolen Crown. He is now the of Trinity Life Centre, an interdenominational church where he serves as a pastor.

So have you been wondering why you no longer see any of these people in your favourite Nigerian movies? Well, the Almighty has obviously sent his police to arrest them, so wonder no more. We do wish them well in their chosen endeavours.


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