Only People With No Home Training Eat Fufu Or Eba With Their Hands – This Nigerian Lady Says


A young Nigerian girl who goes by the name Queen, has incurred the wrath of Twitter Nigeria users after she put up a post on her page saying that people who eat eba or Fufu with their hands have no home training.

Below is the post and the fiery comments from offended Nigerians:

Adéríbígbé @AdeTheOba: Lara you’re probably the bushest person I know. I can’t believe you would speak such blasphemy

Michael B. Jordan @KidOyeniya: I didn’t expect this from you at alllllll…..I’m disappointed

squabbles @RastaAfrique: I’m dropping you off at the next local junk yard.

Whoopi @tuchainnz: Did you…. Are you… Are you sick??

Fatim @fille_ivoirenne: You’re sick

urFavAfrican @_YouLoveLucy: Eating fufu with your hands is the correct way

Aunty Jen @kingjenn: So the whole of Nigeria has no home training right? Thunder fiya you. You’re even insulting yourself

Tomiforshort @Godislovefr: I’m sorry but who has fed you d lie? How do they eat it in Nigeria? Where your origin is ehh?

chenemi @bellah_CieCie: Lmao very good President of the home training committee Oshe aunty fork and knife.  As we are using ur hands to eat the Eba and fufu

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Hollie_Boy @slimzy000: Only pple with no home training will come here and be talking trash! Wat shud i b using 2 eat swallow ur braids or wat? Idiat!

Laurence Acquisitive @chairmoftt: D pple who ‘invented’ eba n fufu, eat it with dia hands. All these “abroad” shildren won’t kill sombodi biko

TONIGHT OUT NOW @Iamsynord: Ur forefathers that ate eba and fufu with hands have no home training too ?? I eat with my hands too, comman beat me

AmeenaH @DCelebrityNurse: I eat fufu, Eba, Amala and pounded yam with my hands. I even lick my hands after I finish. Come and arrest me.

[email protected]: Why am i surprised sef!! You stay in virginia so it’s normal for you to think with your vagina and not ur brain.

Alhaji @SeunPaul: Lol, your brain don commot for recession enter depression

YORUBA TROLL 2.0 @tolu_augustinee: Africans are probably the funniest group of people on Earth, no debate.

@jokunle: Because you dey abroad now? Make we no hear word again. Why not use knife

Lady [email protected]: Wow! Please you that have home training should leave the rest of us without home training alone! Mtscheeeeeewwwwwww

#MouthBreather @Soulpretty: When you get well, you’ll understand that using a fork to eat your traditional food is an insult to your tradition.

OGTega @Ebean: to think that her state of origin is Osun state again. Osogbo oroki o… Awon fake deep

Swaäy @Bamnandiggs: Weldone, u will tell me wether the pipo who invented Eba knew fork

Olu-Vercetti @oluvercetti:  if the Chinese can use their sticks. As a Nigerian I can use my hands biko.

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Peter Inu Erameh @inu_peter: who be this one oEba with fork keh and u call urself Nigerian queen.. Next thing u will say u use fork&knife 4 burger

Bar Obi Marion @ObiMarion_esq: even your maternal grandmother fed you fufu with unwashed hands. Gerarahia with your fake bougey ass!

Tolulope Olorundero @ToluComms: Only a wannabe will say such. It is even because we are trained at home that we relish such dishes eaten with our hand!

Annie_vams @aevanita: to think u are from osun state and you tweeted this. Your brain doesn’t have home training that’s why you tweeted that shit

kvng chuka… @iam_kellyjoe: pls take out that “nigerian in your name” you’re hereby banished & disowned go to the evil forest

MR BOQER @MR_BOQER: Freelance Home training expert Fork Ambassador

Dozie @get2dozy: Mrs Home trainer Minister of table manners Chief judge of the Food court.

Senator. @FolaMudasiru: Aunty something is wrong with you

Bobby Eisenbrayz @_Brayz: Actually, it’s those who lack home training that use cutlery. Such disrespect

Timilehin Fabusoro @OluwaSwizzhits: Ansofokwot?!!!!! Even white people come here and use their hands.