There Is No Money To Run Government – Amaechi


Despite passing a record breaking N6.06 Trillion Budget a few weeks ago, the Honorable Minister of Transport Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has insisted that the Buhari Administration “has no money to run government”

The Minister reiterated the situation on Tuesday appealing to Nigerians to be patient and give the administration more time to achieve its objectives. Making the appeal while responding to questions at the forum of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Amaechi said:

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 “We encountered challenges; were we expecting to encounter those challenges? Yes; did we think that we will meet the quantum or volume of those challenges? We didn’t anticipate that things were this bad. We thought you go to government and there would be money for you to run government and others”

“Now you have the situation where there is no money to run government. I hate to use the word difficult; I hate to use the word impossible but we met things close to difficult and impossibility. That is why Nigerians are impatient; they want to see results and for them, change is not about change in structure, it is about change in their pocket.  Because their pocket is getting dried and they wanted us to put some more resources in their pocket”.

 “Because of the structural changes that we want to put in place is not getting all that they want to get.    What I usually say to people is that we beg you to give us time; we will achieve our objective if you give us time and we will both thank God for that opportunity.’’

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He gave an assurance that money recovered from the ongoing corruption fight, would be used to provide infrastructure. According to him, the government has started paying contractors not appointed by the current administration, noting that such action represents service delivery to the people.

It will be recalled that allegations of contractual inflation and figure padding riddled the just passed budget, with a mind boggling N1.7 Billion set aside for domestic spending and up keep of the villa amidst the so called cash crunch.

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