Nnamdi Kanu: The Supreme Leader Compared With God


Nnamdi Kanu has sometimes been described as the ‘Supreme Leader’ of Ndigbo and an ‘Emperor’ whom majority of the Igbos worship like a saviour.

The IPOB leader recently exercised his supreme powers by calling on his followers to boycott the Anambra governorship election and has faced serious backlash from both the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA) and Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, the apex socio-cultural group of the Igbo people in Nigeria.

But IPOB has reacted to the criticisms alleging that security agencies have perfected plans to disparage its leader by accusing him of allegedly playing God, in a bid to cause misunderstanding and confusion between the IPOB leader and Christians in Biafra land.

According to a statement released by IPOB’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, “the enemies of Biafra were allegedly portraying the members of IPOB, under the leadership of Kanu, of also challenging the authority of God, Vanguard reports. The statement reads:

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“Mazi Kanu in his life time had never challenged the authority of God Almighty who created heaven and earth or Jesus Christ, the son of God or the Holy Spirit.

“It is very pathetic that the enemies of Biafra, IPOB and Kanu will use his name on Facebook handles as well as other social media platforms to cause disunity among the people of God and the Christian faithful.

Biafran Jews

“Nnamdi Kanu is a Christian and cannot blaspheme God and his son, Jesus Christ. Those using his name as saviour, messiah and Jesus are misinformed and uneducated because he never asked them to do so.

“Since the announcement for the election boycott in Anambra State, the Federal Government and their agents, including the DSS, have mapped out strategies and huge amount of money to destroy and tarnish Kanu’s image and IPOB in general. Those with this stupid story on social media platforms should retrace their steps because they will fail.

“Nnamdi Kanu had warned everybody to stop using his name or comparing him with God Almighty. Nobody can prove that he had ever wanted people to compare himself with Jesus Christ either through the video or voice call. Anybody who has such video or film should show it.

“It is dangerous to compare him with God Almighty or Jesus Christ. It is the work of enemies planted within us by security agents and some politicians.

“Those involved in this ridiculous scandal and defamation of character will fail without further delay and God Almighty, or Chukwu Okike Abiama must deal with them.

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IPOB therefore called on Biafrans, clergymen and women, church leaders and Christians to disregard the allegations as they amount to the works of evil people who do not want to see good things coming to Ndigbo.

Moroever, Nnamdi Kanu has also clarified his statement on the forthcoming Anambra elections, alleging that government is using the media to spread false information about him and the agitation for Biafra.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB did not give any deadline for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra and neither did he say there would be no election without a referendum on Biafra, but claimed it was the people of Biafra who said they did not want the November 18, 2017 election in Anambra State and not himself.

“The boycott of election in Anambra State, come November this year, was not the making of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but rather the wish of the people of the Eastern Nigeria and IPOB members, who visited him in his home town, Umuahia, where the people told him that they did not need elections again in Biafra land and were ready to boycott such elections because since the creation of Nigeria, they had benefited nothing from Nigeria’s elections except killings, riots and humiliation from politicians,” IPOB stated.

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In an interview with Sahara Reporters, the IPOB leader alleged that the political elites were employing all means to make him lose his people’s support.

“The media has an interest in maintaining one Nigeria with those that loot, steal and cheat in the political landscape. The more Nigeria continues, the more these criminals and rogues get fatter.

“All those spreading nonsense about Nnamdi Kanu know that Nnamdi Kanu is the only person capable of articulating a policy that can get people out of the mess that we are in. The government wants us to remain poor, they know what they are saying is false but they continue to say so,” he said.

Nnamdi Kanu further advised Biafrans and Nigerians to disregard any form of false information being shared by the government, adding that he is in no position to determine how people consume information.

While challenging the people to question the government on main issues affecting the country, the IPOB leader stated:

“People should be more concerned with the gross abuse of human rights being perpetrated by DSS, Police, and Army. They should ask questions on amnesty report, the mass grave in army barracks in Onitsha, bad roads across the country despite the resources allocated to their maintenance and unemployed graduates.”

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Kanu reiterated that nothing can make them reverse on their decision from breaking away from Nigeria. “There is absolutely nothing anybody can do. We have crossed the point of no return and there is nothing anybody can do. If I am alive or dead, wherever I may be, Biafra will come. If I die, it will be better because it will even make it come quicker,” he said.

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