Nnamdi Kanu: Wife Speaks About Passion For Biafra; Call Nigerians, “Barbarians”


Uchechi Okwu Kanu, wife of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu talked about her passion for the freedom cause her husband is fighting from prison as she reveals the deep obsession Kanu has for the actualization of the country called Biafra.

In her interview with the media, Mrs. Kanu said her husband is passionate when it comes to defending the oppressed of the society, hence, his agitation for freedom of Biafra from Nigeria. According to her, Kanu is a man who is obsessed with Biafra to the point of sanity.

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“My husband is a man that is obsessed with Biafra to the point of insanity and many times he has said publicly that he would gladly sacrifice me, the children and the wider family, if that is what it would take for Biafra to be free. That is the type of man Nigeria is facing, and that is the kind of man my husband is.”

Uchechi called for an unconditional release of her husband and other members of the IPOB detained by the Nigerian government, adding that the Federal Government has no case against the detainees whom she said are political prisoners.

“Nigeria is presently situated in the right context of the word “democratic ignorance,” which prompts me once again to call the government of Major-General Buhari, a democratic dictatorship, not a government of the people, by the people and for the people (to release my husband).”

She reiterated the constitutional right of a people to self-determination which a government is obliged to permit.

Uchechi said:

“We, Biafrans have the uncontested right to self-determination; the Nigerian government and their terrorized judiciary, who are afraid of honest interpretation of the law, should stop interfering in this case because all they end up doing is foolishly showcasing their unintelligent criminal cheating minds before the whole civilized world.”

Kanu’s wife insisted that Nigeria government and its agents should allow Biafrans to hold a referendum (with reference to Scotland/UK).

“As for the struggle, the Nigeria government and her agents should allow Biafrans to hold a referendum (with reference to Scotland/UK). If we lose, we will stop agitating for Biafra.” 

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Uchechi also expressed that Biafra is her hope of a meaningful life. She said:

“Let me tell you, Biafra is my hope. I see Biafra as a new beginning, a place where systems are well structured, where there is civility, law and order because as it is, all I see is barbarism in Nigeria. My husband is right for insisting on freedom for all of us Biafrans and beyond because without it, life is meaningless.

“My family is in England today, a very beautiful country, because the likes of Oliver Cromwell fought and many died that the House of Commons may be established to speak for the common man. Without justice, equity and fairness, Africa will remain backward.”

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