Nkiru Sylvanus Once Shared A Family With Ex-Husband Stanley Duru – Truth About the Controversial Marriage

It is almost becoming a norm for marriages that involve at least one celebrity to come to an end sooner than expected. When these marriages crash, they end in controversial ways that draw more attention than their initial union commanded. Though it might not be the latest celebrity failed marriage, Nkiru Sylvanus’ failed marriage adds to such a list.

Nkiru Sylvanus is a Nollywood actress who had made a name for herself in the movie industry with movies like A Cry for Help (2002), Love in Bondage (2002), Green Snake (2003), Egg of Life (2003), Queen (2004), What a Mother (2005), and Final Tussle (2008). Aside from her acting career, Nikiru is also a politician. One of her biggest fans is the ex-governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha. During his time as governor of the southeastern Nigerian state, Rochas appreciated her effort by appointing her as his Special Assistant on Lagos State Affairs. She moved on from that post and was later appointed as the former governor’s Special Adviser on Public Affairs.

Amidst her illustrious career, the actress has been involved in a lot of controversies, especially ones that involve her love life. She was famously in a love triangle that included her colleague, actress Oge Okoye, with a man named Stanley Duru. That has since ended as the actress now appears to be very much single.

What We Know About Her Alleged Marriage To Stanley Duru

Nkiru Sylvanus may be a private person but aside from her acting career, her involvement in controversies has continued to make headlines. The news about her marriage to a man named Stanley Duru surfaced in 2014. The two reportedly lived together as a couple for five years before they called it quits in 2019.

Nkiru’s alleged husband Stanley Duru is a Nigerian businessman. He is based in the Netherlands where he carries out most of his businesses. Stanley is an Igbo man who hails from Imo State and so far, he has been married twice and has also been divorced twice. Stanley is not in any way as famous as both the wives he was previously married to but he has twice managed to get married to two of Nigeria’s finest actresses.

As a matter of fact, Stanley is ever in the news only when it relates to matters that concern his famous ex-wives. He married actress Oge Okoye in 2006 but the marriage was annulled in 2013. It is not clear how the business mogul met Nkiru but according to information on various news channels, the two were lovers for a long time before tying the knot in 2014.

Why Nkiru Sylvanus and Stanley Duru’s Marriage Failed

Sources have it that the pair were lovers long before Stanley Duru left her for another Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye. Nkiru further mentioned that she would not mind being a second wife as she is deeply in love with the business mogul. After his marriage to Oge failed in 2013, the pair then decided to make their relationship public and along the line, they got married. They had their traditional marriage on December 27, 2014, and their white wedding happened on December 31, 2014. Both occasions were attended by only family members and close friends as they chose to make it a low-key event.

Five years into their marriage, Nkiru and Stanley began to find faults in themselves. It was in 2019 that the couple separated and their divorce was finalized in 2020. The failure of their marriage was credited to a lot of issues, including infidelity.

Nkiru Sylvanus’s marriage to Stanley Duru severely strained her relationship with her friend Oge Okoye who felt cheated and manipulated. Oge also accused Duru of being an alcoholic.

Nkiru further received lots of criticisms for allegedly snatching her colleague’s husband. The actress was, however, quick to debunk such claims by stating that she and Stanley were lovers before he got married to Oge Okoye and that when he got married to her, they broke ties and only got back together after Stanley and Oge’s marriage ended.

Did Nkiru Sylvanus Have Children With Stanley Duru?

Nkiru’s five-year marriage to Duru did not produce a child. Some fans and close pals felt it was one of the things that caused their union to end. Currently, Nkiru has no child of her own. Duru, on the other hand, has two children from his previous marriage to Oge Okoye. His first child was a boy born in 2006. His second child was a girl born in 2013. She was named Crystal Okoye.

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Nkiru Sylvanus Has Remained Single Ever Since Her Marriage Ended

The Nollywood actress has been off the media for quite a long time especially since her involvement in the marriage controversy with Oge Okoye. While many wondered what became of her since her alleged breakup with Stanley Duru, there were also speculations that the award-winning Nigerian actress has been secretly married to an unknown man. There were even rumors about her being dead.

However, after going through her various social media handles and her interview with a popular Nigerian television channel, we can confirm that Nkiru Sylvanus is alive and still single. The actress in the interview further mentioned that though she is not yet tied in marriage with any man, she is also not searching. This could be well interpreted as she is in a relationship. However, despite the fame she had acquired, Nkiru is quiet, reserved, and hates unnecessary publicity. Hence, further attempts to uncover the identity of her partner has remained abortive.

Nkiru Sylvanus is one star who keeps her private life, including her relationships, off the devouring eyes of the public. In the past, there had been controversial stories of her getting married secretly, but she denied all of them, regarding them as one of the things that come with being a celebrity.

All The Men Nkiru Sylvanus Has Dated in the Past

Aside from being involved in a controversy that ended the marriage of Oge Okoye, Nkiru Sylvanus has also been linked with some notable men in Nigerian society. However, the screen diva has debunked most of the claims on her relationship with these people. Let’s take a look at the list of men Nkiru has either dated or was linked to.

1. Umar Sani

Umar Sani was the Senior Special Assistant to Vice President Namadi Sambo on Media and Publicity. During the time he held the office, he was alleged to be Nkiru’s secret lover. The two were even said to have secretly tied the knot a few days after Sylvanus was released from the kidnappers’ den and Umar’s late wife Hajiya Sahura Umar was undergoing treatment in Egypt. Nkiru’s claim of not minding being a second wife during an interview further fuelled the rumor about her marriage to the prominent northerner.

According to the claims, Nkiru and Umar married in 2013 but they broke up just a few weeks after. Various sources also claim that Mr. Sani secured the actress’s release from kidnappers by paying the N8m ransom money. He also facilitated her political appointment in Imo State as the Senior Special Adviser on Public Affairs, despite her being from Abia State. While actress Nkiru refrained from commenting on the matter, Umar released a statement denying the claims. He described the rumors as mere figments of people’s imagination.

2. Rochas Okorocha

The alleged link between Nkiru Sylvanus and the former Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha began to rise after the actress was appointed Special Assistant on Lagos Affairs to the governor. The rumor soon died down as there was no concrete evidence to support the claim. In 2014, Okorocha disclosed plans to set up a Film Academy in Owerri and he appointed actress Nkiru Sylvanus as the Ag. Director-General of the Academy to do oversight functions of ensuring judicious use of finance and other logistics.

3. Pat Attah

Rumors about Pat Attah and Nkiru Sylvanus dating made the media rounds in 2018. This came after their very pronounced relationship which started as a fling in 2004. The two were even said to be making plans for a lifetime together. However, the rumor later died down as there was no concrete evidence to back the claims.


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