Despite The Recession, Nigeria’s Sex Toy Business Booms – Vendors


Sex toy vendors in Nigeria are reportedly making millions monthly and smiling to the bank despite the difficult economic crisis plaguing the country.

PUNCH reports that the sex toy business is bringing smiles to the faces of people lacking sexual fulfillment – married and singles alike, in a society where people can hardly speak openly about sexual problems.

The market boom in the business has been attributed to contemporary Nigerians who are gradually coming out of some sort of “sexual darkness” and the influx of fake sex toys, as explained by a sex therapist and prominent sex toy vendor, Mrs. Iheoma Obibi.

Some of these adult products, sell for between N5,000 and N25,000 while premium brands sell for as high as N150,000.

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Industry’s sources reveal that married women, some of whom cannot ordinarily voice out their concerns to their partners are beginning to embrace the use of sex toys in the country.


In a society where there is still a conservative attitude around sex, many Nigerians, mostly educated, are beginning to come out of their shells for full sexual expression.

Obibi, who has practiced as a sex therapist and sex toy vendor in Nigeria for more than six years, disclosed that people are beginning to understand and accept that it is important to have a healthy intimate life with one’s partner of choice because it is a key de-stressor whether male or female.

She says Nigerians have become better educated on the need for a fulfilled intimate life, and are beginning to utilize all possibilities to make this a reality for themselves. She adds that her customers usually give their reasons for wanting sex toys as expressing their unsatisfied sexual desires.

Obibi said the industry is growing so big that vendors who sell quality products are now having to deal with substandard and cheap products brought in from China.

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Another Vendor, Ibidapo-Obe is of the opinion that women who opt for sex toys should be applauded because most of them are faithful.