Sincerely, it may be difficult to an extent to really come up with who are exactly the richest Nigerian musicians as it demands a collection of some facts and figures which may not actually be within reach. We all know that money matters are always confidential, therefore, these musicians may not come up publicly to declare what they earn in order for us to be able to deduct who is richer than who.

However, there are alternative ways through which we can really come to know who is likely to be the richest musician in Nigeria. After making some clear analysis of their earnings per show, endorsement values, sales rate, social media presence and general influence of the popular Nigerian musicians, it became clear that with all due respect, P-square are the richest Nigerian Musicians. In the actual sense, the original intention of this article is to come up with one richest, but P-square happened to be the richest and we know they are an inseparable duo.



Peter and Paul Okoye are undoubtedly the richest musicians in Nigeria. Looking back, their musical career of these singing and dancing brothers started while they were still as students of St. Murumba Secondary School in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria where they were members of the Music and Drama group. Then, they used to mimmick Michael Jackson and MC Hammer, which heavily influenced their dance steps and costumes. They followed this up by enrolling in a music school where they had their natural skills improved and polished.

In 2001, they released their debut album titled ‘Last nite’. The album was a hit and off they went towards popularity and  fortune. It was their second music album titled ‘Get Squared’ which was released in 2005, under their own Square Record label, that really made them superstars in Nigeria. By the end of that year, the duo had sold above 14 million copies of their CD’s and were also charging N2 million per show. I guess money was overflowing to the point that after a misunderstanding with their landlord, P Square built their own Square ville home valued at N300m in the same vicinity in a space of 6 months.

Below are the Albums they have released so far

1. 2003: Last Nite [Timbuk2 Music Label]

2. 2005: Get Squared [Square Records]

3. 2007: Game Over [Square Records]

4. 2009: Danger [Square Records]

5. 2011: The Invasion [Square Records]

6. 2014: Double Trouble [Square Records]

They won the KORA award for Best Africa Artiste 2010 in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso while they were in London for a Concert at the Troxy. The award came with $1m (N150m) and shortly afterwards, they received an endorsement deal with Globacom, one of the largest Nigerian telecommunications company and the deal was worth about N240m lasting for four years. In December 2011, they signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. In May 2012, they signed a record distribution deal with Universal Music South Africa. In addition, they recently embarked on their greatest international tour in which they earned a whopping $1m (N150m) from the American tour of 7 cities.

Here is a list of the awards they’ve won

1. Hip Hop World Awards 2006

a) Best R&B Album (Get Squared)

b) Best Music Video (Get Squared)

c) Album of the Year (Get Squared)

d) Song of the Year (“Bizzy Body”)

2. City Mag 9th Awards Show (2006) – Best Hip Hop Group

3. Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006

a) Album of the year (Get Squared)

b) Music Video of the year (Get Squared)

4. 2007 Channel O Music Video Awards – Best Duo or Group

5. 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards

a) Best Duo or Group

b) Video of the Year (“Do Me”)

6. MTV Africa Music Awards 2008 – Best Group

7. MTV Africa Music Awards 2009 – Best Group

8. KORA Awards 2010 – Artiste of the Year

9. LIL PERRY PRODUCTIONS 2010 – Producer of the Year

10. Channel O Music Video Awards 2012- “Most Gifted Group of the Year”

11. Channel O Music Video Awards 2013 – “Most Gifted African (West) Video” – Alingo

P-square are the only Nigerian musicians to own a mansion at the Banana Island, and a private jet. They are the fans delight both in Nigeria and abroad. At the moment, they command an astronomical fee of as much as N15 – N20 million per show in Nigeria (almost $75,000-$100,000), and as much as $200,000 outside the country. Promoters usually beg them to feature in their shows due to the fact that thier presence is bound to get the show sold-out. They are the richest!