See How Nigeria’s Elite Lavish More Than 400 Million Naira On Their Dream Weddings


When you think of million dollar spenders on wedding ceremonies, think Nigerian elite. Believe it or not Nigeria’s elite spend outrageous amounts on their dream weddings. Oh yea, they bring people from abroad to make their dream wedding come alive. Yes, an illusionist is often flown in from Spain, flowers are imported from France and how about the wedding songs? American R & B stars are flown in from the United States. Needless to say the fact that couples give out formal wear for all their guests and some even give their guests microwave ovens, smartphones and rice cookers among other expensive electronics as souvenir. To them, nothing is too much when it comes to Nigeria’s rich as far as wedding is concerned. They neither get anywhere close to down payment, nor allow the b-word (budget) to roll in. They don’t ever cut costs or set their wedding budgets to around any fixed amounts.

So Why in Nigeria?

The Nigerian People Can Afford Extravagant Wedding Ceremonies


Nigeria considers itself as Africa’s largest economy because of its oil reserves, gas, telecom and rising entertainment industry. However, apart from natural resources and Nollywood, there’s another million dollar business adding conspicuously to the national GPD with a major boost: the wedding events business. Without any doubt, they choose booming wedding because they know they can afford it.

It is The Home Of Billionaires And Millionaires:


Apart from the fact that the nation is known as the giant of Africa, it houses the majority of Africa’s billionaires the likes of Dangote, it also has sufficient number of millionaires. Ask any popular wedding and events planner, they would tell you that their major clients are basically millionaires who are never hesitant when it comes to spending their millions on what they believe is nothing short of their dream weddings. If they are faced with the need to fly in an artist from America, or a decorator from Dubai, London or any where in the world, guess what, they don’t waste a second deciding. In fact, you could call the country a land of milk and honey

As it stands in Nigeria, you haven’t done anything unless you have done two or more wedding ceremonies:


Despite the fact that the culture of the west African nation is diverse, it demands that the couple must have a traditional wedding before any other type of wedding ceremony including the payment of the bride’s dowry, usually before the formal wedding, the one we call “White wedding”. Both wedding ceremonies are considered very highly among Nigerians in general as the former is the only one the family of the bride recognizes while the latter is one originated from the West. So, the moneyed Nigerian bride often would want her wedding to make the hottest social networks trends as well as being the talk of town. Or rather her weddings as just one wedding ceremony doesn’t cut it. Also, the rich Nigerian bride would crave extravagant destinations for the wedding and honeymoon in order to reach her dream for her special day. She could decide to explore Dubai, London, Cape Town, Seychelles and the Maldives and the likes. But Florence is currently growing in popularity.

Research has also shown Nigeria’s elite spend millions of dollars on their wedding


A research company Euromint , in 2013  showed how Nigeria had world’s growing rate of champagne intake second only to France. The same Research showed also that Nigeria was ahead of other profitable markets including the US and China in champagne consumption. Nigerians generally, never joke with champagne, so the highest money will be spent on drinks as well as food. And guess what? On Nigerian weddings there’s a lot to be eaten once it is 2pm till midnight which is usually called “item 7” or RSVP ( translated to Rice and Stew Very Plenty). Now, taking into account that the average Nigerian wedding will easily have around 1000 guests, whereas the larger wedding will have between 2000 and 3000 guests making the choice of champagne a very important one. Yes, you read it right, on a particular wedding ceremony, the couple tends to feed 1000 to say the least and as such must make food and drinks very much available.

The Young Billionaires And Millionaires Like Showing Off their Wealth:


Not like the old moneyed Nigerians don’t show off too but they tend to keep things more subtle, but the new moneyed Nigerians are more anxious to let the world know how much they can spend and how reach they are.  They like to let  people become aware of the fact that money is not their problem. They would go for Magnums of Dom Pérignon as their drink of choice. A closer look, an observer would think the brides are now in competition among themselves. And more surprisingly during the stage of planning the wedding, they would consider what other top brides used in their own weddings and perhaps increase theirs or go for a higher one.

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