Nigerians Which Do You Prefer: Good Dictatorship Or Corrupt Democracy?


No dictator wants to be called a dictator. They will rather have ordinary titles such as president, emperor, great leader and similar monikers. This is because the word ‘dictator’ is a pejorative term assigned to certain rulers by other nations, particularly the developed nations of the West .To say a country is under dictatorial rule, that country will be run by one person without any checks and balances on his power. Dictators make unilateral decisions that affect their countries without having to consult any other branch of government.

Democracy on the other hand is a government of rights and freedom. But of course, it all depends on what you value and strongly stand for. You could either believe in values like freedom of speech, expression and a government answerable to its people etcetera or a government that ensures law and order.

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President Muhammdu Buhari’s declarations during the presidential media chat, have been condemned by some dictators. For these set of Nigerians, the president’s view about issues like the continuous detention of former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki and the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu is vindictive and personalized. This makes me wonder what system of government Nigerians will really prefer.

The president, during his campaign to office, promised Nigerians that he will do all it takes to resurrect the country from its financial crisis and put an end to corruption which has become endemic in the society. These promises can never be fulfilled without some sacrifices. You can as well believe with me that the president will find it difficult to achieve his aim without stepping on the toes of the citizens. What lies paramount is for the country to regain its status as ‘the Giant of Africa’ in all ramifications.

Going by the socio-economic and economic challenges that has plagued our country Nigeria, some Nigerians believe that a little of dictatorship isn’t bad at all to restore the country’s status. The truth is this: There is no conclusive evidence proving that either dictatorship nor democracy causes development. Nonetheless, we can have provable evidence that dictatorships incorporate more control over the variables that define development so in consequence are a better course to get to it. Also, that dictatorships guarantee the social order, which is a very necessary prerequisite for any kind of economic accumulation process to be feasible.

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The old perception about democracy bringing an even distribution of wealth has been over turned. What we have today is a democratic system where the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Democracy and openness is not man’s natural state. It isn’t what lays the foundation for law and order either.

If Singapore could achieve economic transformation under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, a “dictator of  some sorts, a man who knew right from wrong; a man who kept enemies of social order and collective prosperity at bay, just to make sure he stabilized his country completely, we hopefully believe Nigeria is not far from achieving the same.

Without order and an end to the sort of reckless stealing we have in Nigeria, there can be no development, no freedom. Hence it is not wrong to say that Nigeria is in need of a system of government where the democratically elected exercises little dictatorship as long as it remains in love and respect of the electorate and also in the sole interest of achieving a better societal development.

Nigeria needs strong men, those with the same frugal, disciplined nature as Buhari, those are the sorts who demand that the law be unwavering and apply to all. But of course public opinion is of utmost importance. So Nigerians Which do you prefer: A Good Dictatorship or a Corrupt Democracy?