Nigerians Slam Timaya For Thanking God He Doesn’t Do The Regular 9 To 5 Job


Talk of ego on full blast! Nigerian singer Timaya shared a photo on his Instagram page this morning with the caption “Early start. But I still thank God I don’t do 9 to 5, or 8 to 6 job. LMFAO… Bless”. He shared this after his post yesterday that expressed how grateful he is for not doing a 9-5 job which he states provides him enough time for early morning smoke with his buddies.

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He explicitly stated in the post that he even smokes on Monday morning, which many Nigerians took an exception to. The post rubbed some of his Instagram followers on the wrong side and they decided to come for his blood in a battle of words. His fans stated that his post was intended to mock those who are doing regular jobs in those hours he mentioned, which was rude considering the fact that if they don’t work the regular hours and make money, he would not have many fans or be so rich. In the words of many Nigerians, Timaya has bitten the hands that feed him.

In reaction to the post, here are the replies his fans sent to him: