Nigerians Rebuke FG For Tampering With MMM Nigeria…Read Opinions


Following moves by members of the House of Representatives to probe into the operators of the internet money donation scheme known as Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, MMM Nigeria, many Nigerians took to media outlet to denounce government for trying to trample on their rights to choose how they spent their money.

Recall that the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN warned citizens to be cautious about MMM and on Wednesday, November 9, House of Rep also resolved to probe the scheme in order to save innocent Nigerians from falling prey to fraudsters.

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However, comments trooping in on Buzznigeria media outlet suggests that many people are undeterred by these warnings, instead they fire accusations on federal government for not finding other feasible solutions to alleviate hunger and inflation caused by the economic recession.

They passionately warned government to leave MMM alone, chanting that the risks involve in the scheme is their cross to bare.

Below are excerpt of some of the comments coming from Nigerians.

Meanwhile, in a recent report on the reaction of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC toward MMM, there were indications that the agency may not be able to go after MMM promoters as they see them as people going about their own personal and private business which is not illegal.

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According report coming from a source in EFCC, the scheme is not unlawful. The agency had contemplating on the possible charges against the MMM but concluded that promoters of the scheme have not committed any crime that would warrant EFCC’s attention.

They source further stated that just as agency can not stop people from investing on any legal business venture, they can not stop people from participating in MMM Nigeria.

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