How Nigerians Lavish Money on Weddings Amidst Economic Crisis


We are aware that wedding day is the most important day in every girl’s life. However, In recent weddings, most Nigerians try too hard to impress not just the bride but the world by lavishing their savings on a wedding.

The country is in its worse state and every single dime can go along way to salvage the nation. Every body wants a perfect ceremony, not minding the cost and also ignoring the hard truth that after the wedding comes the marriage.

Check out how money was showered on the couple in this wedding pictured below.


This traditional marriage took place in Isioziakah in Njaba LGA of Imo State. The identity of the couple is unknown but their pictures went viral on the internet due to the money-spree that went on during the ceremony.



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Planning a low key wedding still involves spending a reasonable amount of money, not to talk of the kind of wedding that breaks the internet. Obviously, this couple has wealthy and generous friends and family who do not mind their pockets.

We all pray to have this kind of gifts, but then where did all these money come from? Nigerians are supposed to be in a “No money state” or should I say “lowkey mood” or “saving mode.”

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In the midst of the supposed “hard times” some people still have unlimited streams of income that makes them immune to economic crisis. At the end of the day, what matters is that the couple had some good money-gift, even though not enough to replace their expenses, they can start a home comfortably.

Unlike the Newlywed who sent an email to one of their wedding guests, complaining that her gift was “insufficient,” this couple would have to send lots of thank you messages to their guest for making their day so money-ful.