Marital Infidelity And Cheating: Who Has The Monopoly – Nigerian Women Or Men?


“Guys need to understand that women are polygamous in nature, most especially Nigerian women. It is in the nature of women to cheat!” These are the words of a Nigerian lady who believes that husbands should stop getting themselves worked up over their cheating wives because it’s in their nature to cheat.

It has almost become normal for cheating boyfriends and husbands to be justified with the line ‘men are polygamous in nature or it’s in their nature to cheat’. So while women in relationships make every possible effort to stay faithful to their men against all odds, the men are given a licence by the society to cheat.

The fact that this has been a long-standing order notwithstanding, the lady, Nkechi Bianze, in a Facebook post made it clear that no particular gender has a monopoly of cheating.

She wrote:

“Guys need to understand that women are polygamous in nature, most especially Nigerian women. It is in the nature of women to cheat.

“A recent survey reported that 62% of Nigerian women are unfaithful. That’s to tell you that it’s in the nature of women, most especially Nigerian women to cheat.

“Cheating or not is at the discretion of the wife!

“If as a man you find a woman who doesn’t cheat on you, then you are just lucky. But stop giving yourself unnecessary heartache checking her phones and keeping a prying eye on her.

“If your wife cheats on you, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. A woman can love and respect you but still cheat on you. It just means that she wants to explore. As long as she still respects you by at least being discreet with her sexcapades, and still plays her roles as a wife, I see no reason why you should get worked up over it.

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This Lady Says It’s In The Nature Of Nigerian Women To Cheat

“I mean, it’s not like the vagina is going to disappear or change in colour and shape.

“It is stupidity to divorce your wife just because she cheats on you. How many do you want to marry? The next woman might even be worse. And remember that according to the Bible, if you decide to divorce your wife for any reason at all, you are expected to remain celibate for life, or till she dies.

“I hope God gives our men the wisdom to understand that cheating is NOT enough reason to divorce their wives, or even complain at all.”

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According to the Nigerian constitution, citizens and non-citizens of Nigeria living in the country have a right to freely air their opinion on issues without fear. I have heard a number of cheating husbands say that their wives have no reason to complain about their cheating as long as she receives money to take care of herself and her children. That line of thought makes me shudder.

But when a public figure, an A-list Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo says the same thing, excusing adultery, something in me died, knowing that many women have cheerfully accepted to settle for less than they deserve because of a status-quo that have been shoved down their throats by the society. However, I have no right to judge her, it’s her opinion after all, which she has a right to express.

On Saturday, January 21, Iyabo caused quite a reaction in her comment section on Instagram after sharing her thoughts that promiscuous men are better than abusive men. According to her, it’s in every man’s nature to cheat.

Part of the post reads:

“Ladies, Not every man who cheats on u is bad! it’s in their nature to cheat as every man has a bit of it deposited in them. He may love u but still cheat on u, as long as he respect, care n keeps it far away from u. it’s a twisted world my dear but that’s just d fact. if u find one who doesn’t cheat on u then u are extremely blessed…”

Although Nkechi Bianze made no reference to the above statement, one could easily assume that her post is a sarcastic backlash against the Iyabo’s opinion.