Nigerian Women Group Wants Equity And Justice, Not Competition With Men


Nigerian Women Group, through Gloria Shoda has called on the Federal Capital Territory administration to create impactful policies that would ease the burden of residents through the provision of social amenities and infrastructure fitting.

According to the women group, they are calling for equity and justice, and do not in any way want to be in competition with men.

Gloria Shoda, who is the president of National Council for Women’s Societies (NCWS), says the clamour for improved livelihood for women is to complement men’s roles and not to compete with them.

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Shoda made this statement during their visit to the Minister of FCT, Mohammed Bello in Abuja on Thursday 12th January 2017.

Women Group President

Gloria Shoda

Shoda solicited for Nigerian women to be given more opportunities to serve and help the nation regain its stability.

“It is often about fairness, equity and justice. We subscribe to the age-long position of men as heads of families. Our culture and religious tenets encourage this position. Nothing must preclude a woman from having equal access to opportunities, like political and professional leaderships that are open to both genders.

“I appeal to people who make policies in both the public and private sectors to ensure that women are fully integrated into development plans. They should be accorded more space and opportunities as the nation stand to gain infinitely from their empowerment,’’ she said.

She also appealed for the revalidation of the vacant land beside the national headquarters of the society, calling on the FCT to consider the involvement of the society in activities bothering on market administration, sanitation, and health care programmes in the Federal capital.

Shoda said that it is the aspiration of National Council for Women’s Societies to stimulate women to create wealth, help to build a virile policy and assist in building a greater tomorrow for the nation.

She also said the NCWS would join hands with the three tiers of government, public-spirited individuals and philanthropic organizations to improve the fortunes of the Nigerian woman.