Story: Nigerians In South Africa Blamed For NorthWest Drug War


The story behind a recent drug war in Ramosadi village in Mahikeng, North West, South Africa narrates the reason behind a mob that caused the death and kidnap of some Nigerians.

According to Sowetan Live, drug war started when some group of angry residents formed a mob on Saturday night, March 30, against Nigerians in the area who they said were druglords.

The Story of the drug war

A woman sat on the corner of a mattress and cried yesterday as neighbours arrived to comfort her at her home in Ramosadi village in Mahikeng, North West, South Africa. She was weeping because her long-term boyfriend, Yuri Thari, 32, had been brutally killed, allegedly by a Nigerian man believed to be a druglord.

Thari died at the Mahikeng provincial hospital three days after he was assaulted, allegedly by the man who supplied him with drugs to sell. According to Thari’s friends, he was killed because he could not pay the druglord his share after selling the merchandise.

Postmortem result shows that Thari died as a result of brain damage after being hit with a brick. Thari was working as a vendor selling fruit and vegetables in town, but he was apparently approached by a Nigerian national who told him he could make more money from selling drugs to Mahikeng’s youth.

According to his friend, who did not want to be named, Thari sold small packets of drugs, known as Cat and rock, for R100. He would pay the druglord half the profits.

Thari’s girlfriend, Motshidisi Modise, said he was a breadwinner who took good care of her and their two daughters. She said:

“We have a seven-year-old and a two-year-old, I do not know how we are going to survive.”

His death caused tensions in Mahikeng, where residents blamed drug traffickers for his death. On Saturday night, a group of angry residents began hunting for Nigerian nationals who they said were druglords, and attacked them.

They killed Udoka Ozu, and kidnapped two other Nigerians after they claimed to have found drugs at their homes in Golfview. Ozu’s friend Bernard Okoye said yesterday his death “was senseless”. Okoye said,

“He was an educated man and did not deserve to die in that manner. Now we are transporting his body back to Nigeria for burial. He was a good person.”

North West police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said a man was arrested for Ozu’s murder. He said no-one had so far been arrested for Thari’s death, but a Nigerian suspect was being sought.

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