Nigerian Soldiers Scream Their Silent Pain – ‘Govt Must Solve Our Plight’


An Anonymous Nigerian army soldier stationed in Maiduguri, came up with a warning letter to the Nigerian government. Bringing forward eight crucial questions President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration should provide answers to by the end of January, otherwise the soldiers promise to organize a large-scale strike to draw the attention of the government to their problems.

The Letter states:

We, the soldiers in Maiduguri, are losing patience, and we are planning massive protests in the country by January; then they will know our pains. Here’s the questions we need answers to:

1.  Is the Nigerian army really winning the war against insurgency?

We are not winning the war against these people, if you will. Come to any location across Maiduguri and interview the soldiers one by one – then you will know the pains we are passing through here. They keep deceiving Nigerians on media, sitting down in Abuja and telling the people what is happening in the theatre. Let them come and stay in this environment.

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2. Are we really paid our entitlement as the soldiers who fight and die for their nation?

Why has Dambazau, who is now the Minister of Interior, suspended our allowances: TC allowance and furniture allowance? Why are the navy and the air forces still being paid their money? These questions should be forwarded to Dambazau.

3Are the soldiers really equipped with good weapons to counter insurgents?

Recently some weaponry were brought, however, most weapons we now use were bought by the ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, when he postponed the last presidential election for six weeks, and the captured terrain was regained.

4. What are the tactics used in the war?

I must tell you there are no specific tactics being used. Whenever we go for operations, we just move; most officers are so afraid, that they just push the poor soldiers forward while they remain at the rear.

5. Are we attacking the terrorists, or we are still sitting in ambush, waiting for them?

Why are we still sitting in ambush? While the best form of defense is always attack, we wait for insurgents to attack and kill soldiers for nothing. The officers may lie to us that jet has bombarded the terrorists, and we should only go for mopping up. But on the contrary, getting there we are likely to find them waiting in ambush for us 5 km from the camp. There are saboteurs both of the upper and lower rank in the armed forces and the government.

6. Why were our fellow colleagues sentenced to 10-years imprisonments?

While those generals stealing billions of naira are still walking and driving all over the country freely? There are the soldiers who were hoping for Muhammadu Buhari to win during the last election so that he could at least understand since he was once in the system. Some of these poor soldiers are the bread winners in their families. But look at the outcome now. Where are those who stole the money meant to purchase arms for the troops, where are those who stole $1 billion? Could TB Joshua’s prophesy be coming into reality?

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7. Does the President visit the troops or send delegations to boost their morale?

What does President Muhammadu Buhari do to boost the morale of the troops in the war zone? Does he send delegations to visit us? No! He will never do this. Why is it so? Don’t get me wrong: the president is really trying to make sure the war is coming to an end.

8. How much is the operational allowance paid to the troops?

Why are we not paid our entitlement, even those who fought and died for their fatherland? When their families come to carry the corpse, we are the ones giving them money to convey the corpse.

They pay us just N30, 000 for an operation. Why do we work like elephants, and eat like ants in this country? Moreover, you will never see the money in two-three months. When we are out-of-town, our feeding is nothing to write home about. Most commanding officers spend the allowances meant for our colleagues lying in the hospital shot.

Where is the e-payment President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to provide the armed forces with? Let our salaries come directly from the CBN, and then nobody will have a chance to eat our money.

I must tell you the soldiers here are sick and tired of the everyday propaganda. If we don’t see any improvements by the end of January, there will be arrangements to vent our anger. You know what it means when soldiers strike in the country. Those who sit under air conditioners eating our money will see us in full force.

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