Revenge Mission: Nigerian Soldiers Kill Over 500 Terrorists In A Recent Battle


Following the video released by members of the Boko Haram sect, showing their merciless attacks on Giwa barracks, another video has come up, showing the revenge mission carried out by the Nigerian soldiers in retaliation. After a gun battle that was said to have lasted 12 hours, the Nigerian Military is certain that they are winning and that the tides are turning against Boko Haram.

Over the weekend, member of the terrorist sect made bold attempts to take over the Borno State capital Maiduguri, but with the military and members of the local youth vigilante group, they were sent running back with their tails well tucked between their legs. Hundreds of the insurgents were reported killed and a lot of their equipment were recovered, including artillery guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

In the usual manner, the insurgents attacked just moments after the early morning Muslim prayers. They launched two rocket-propelled grenades into Gindari Polo area, killing many civilians. A senior army officer said that the terrorists were everywhere and they attacked from all of the four roads leading to Maiduguri, but the soldiers succeeded in sending them back into their hiding place. More so, over 500 of them were killed before they abandoned the fight and their weapons and took to their heels even though some Nigerian soldiers were equally killed.

In the video released by the terrorists they sang a song through which they sent a message saying:

“We would do jihad to bring sharia to the world, we will kill people, we will not leave them, we will do battle with swords so that they(Christians) will not spoil things. We will go from church to church and destroy it all, and don’t think its a joke because we are serious. We will bring war and judgement of Islam to all those who follow corrupt laws. Everybody must follow Allah, everybody must pray to Allah and obverse sharia, and if you refuse, you will see war because we will be waiting for you. Bring all of yourselves and your soldiers, let’s do battle and know who is stronger. Tell your Police and MOPOL to leave our way, they are too small to stop us, they are all women, we understand them well.

“We have come with the destruction of jihad, we will spoil and destroy things, there shall be no Christianity, only Islam. We will fight to protect our sharia. We will fight every infidel that wants to kill us, we’ll take laws into our hands and protect Muslims. Spill our blood if you like, we just want to go to paradise. May Allah give us the strength to kill them, to burn their churches, shoot and cut them all into little pieces. We call on fellow Muslims to join us in this jihad, if you refuse, Allah is watching u and he will still get you. If you refuse to kill them, they will kill you and your wives and exploit you.

“Don’t follow someone who will leave you behind in trouble, it’s better you do jihad because Allah will give you strength and will not desert you. Let’s kill the infidel thieves before they destroy us. Anyone that wants to know how serious we are should ask the destruction we did in Bauchi and Kaduna and even Abuja, or even ask those infidels in filato, we burned them on their worship day. Ask the Christians in Adamawa and Gombe and even Yobe, we scattered them . If you want to be sure that we are not scared, ask those that we’ve dealt with, they will tell you, we will not leave until we have killed every one of you,” it said.

Take a look:

This make one wonder just how much longer this killings and irrational fights will go on. It does not equally help knowing that these terrorists have planted snoops in communities who give them information on the activities of the security officers. Let’s hope the tides will continue to be against them.