Nigerian Pastor Breaks The Internet With Bizarre Advise To Married Women


Money matters happen to be one of the major causes of dispute among couples especially when the woman has a source of income. In a bid to prefer a solution to family crisis emanating from such subjects, a Nigerian pastor in his sermon on Sunday told all married women who wanted to have a happy home that the key to that is to submit their salaries to their husbands monthly.

This has become the subject of a heated debate on Twitter after a church member shared the message.

According to the pastor, if there is anything the wife needs money for, she is to go to the husband and ask for money to meet her needs, but he has to be the one in charge of the money. The cleric was, however, swift to secure his interest by reminding the women to first remove their tithe before submitting the rest of the salary to their husbands.

Relaying the sermon in a series of tweets, @ChukwukaJerri wrote:

“My pastor, during 2day’s service urged all married ladies who are working to submit their salaries to their husbands at the end of the month.after submitting it, she’s expected to ask her husband to give her money to fuel her car, make her hair & other allowances.

“After submitting it, she’s expected to ask her husband to give her money to fuel her car, make her hair & other allowances.

“He said there was no basis to debate it. That we aren’t in a marriage seminar & because he was preaching, we need to follow it.

“When he gave the advice, he was only giving it as a panacea to resolve certain marital dispute between couples…

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“After preaching, he said he knows very well that the married ladies won’t be happy with him but said they should try it…

“Pastor said the woman should have removed her tithe before giving the cash to her husband…

“When pastor said it, I overheard some people murmuring… I hope you know the class of people I’m talking about here…”

The supposed sermon from the Nigerian pastor has generated reactions from a huge number of people with the majority of them totally against the preacher’s opinion. One of the commentators said;

“Any woman who at the end of the month hands over her hard earned income to her husband or boyfriend is the greatest fool that has ever lived. What will be your security if the marriage fails? What will you fall on?

“Such a pastor is a fool and full of deceit. The end time pastors from the pit of hell. Women should be smarter than this!

“In the western world, it’s the woman that controls the finances of her home whether she’s a working class or a stay at home mom.

“Please what happens if a man at the end of the month hands over his salary to his wife?” she asked.

In the midst of the many invectives rained on the Nigerian pastor, a few Twitter users agreed with him, most of them males. One of his supporters replied, saying;

“If you can’t entrust (him) with a salary, how can you trust him with leading you thru life, trust him to father your children.”

He further suggested that women who wouldn’t hand over their salaries to their husbands should get divorced.