NIGERIAN OR BRITISH: Where Does Nigeria’s Senate President Hail From?


Yesterday Sunday, 28th June, 2015, the popular online news website, Sahara Reporters caused a national controversy when it posted a photocopied picture which showed the just elected senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki’s face on it. The picture, which was a page from an international passport, indicated that the 3rd citizen of Nigeria is actually a citizen of the United Kingdom.

In another picture, the website also suggested that Dr. Bukola Saraki is also a ‘petty thief.’

Nigerians have since risen to the defense of Senate President, wondering why all the attacks are coming now that he is at war with the All Progressives Congress (APC), which a revelation on the actual make-up of the party.

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This group of Nigerians insist that they stand solidly behind Dr. Saraki despite the claims by Sahara Reporters, a claim which they believe is part of attempts to attack the Senate President. Many of them use Twitter, a social media site, to air their displeasure.

JAJA XI (@jayjay_stones) tweeted:

“Ok, let us agree that Bukola Saraki is not Nigerian. Why did the APC give him their ticket? Whose duty is it to vet flagbearers?”

Hydra (@briandark) said:

“Even if they show us a picture of Bukola Saraki robbing a bank, it won’t change anything. We will stand by him. When Bukola Saraki decamped to APC, he was not a thief.”

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RankyLicious (@patoranky) added a picture and said:

“Here is Senator Bukola Saraki when he was still a Nigerian!”

Here is Senator Bukola Saraki when he was still a Nigerian
Here is Senator Bukola Saraki when he was still a Nigerian

Bibi (@boluxxxx) shared her thoughts:

“If you people like let Bukola Saraki be from West Germany or steal mace in his petty thieving, we would Sai him to the end. Shame on APC. Wait. APC propaganda has reached Bukola Saraki’s citizenship? But when he was gathering votes in Kwara for Daddy Bubu he was son of the soil.”

Who knows where our President will come from tomorrow? Maybe Australia. What do you think?