The Drama That Happens When Nigerian Parents Buy Clothes For Their Children


While growing up, there were certain times when getting new clothes was a big deal for our parents, especially the not-so-rich ones. Most Nigerian parents dread the reality of buying clothes for their kids, and whenever that topic pops up they look for a way to avoid spending much money.

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If you grew up with Nigerian parents then you can relate with the following dramas that occur with regards to them getting you new clothes and other wears.

1. When you tell your parents to buy you new clothes in August, they tell you to wait till December and then end up buying you one dress for Christmas and New year.

2. When your mother wants to buy you shoes but doesn’t want to take you to the market; she uses a broomstick to measure your feet and still ends up buying either an undersized or oversized shoe.

3. When your parents intentionally buy you oversized clothes so that you don’t grow out of it too soon.

4. When your mum promises to buy you something and tells you to follow her to the market, only to make you her personal luggage carrier, and end up buying white socks (N100) for you.

5. When she refused to buy that shirt you like just because of extra N500.

6. When you tell your mother you need clothes and she asks if you’ve finished wearing the ones you have.

7. When the seller has cheap and oversized clothes and your mother insists you try on a UK 16 shirt to see if it is your size.

8. When you ask your mother to buy ‘Adidas’ sneakers for you and she comes home with an Aba-made version bearing ‘Abibas.’ When you complain she asks “What’s the difference?”

9. When you ask your mother for a suit she gives you money quickly but When you ask your mother for jeans she becomes stingy with money, all because she thinks suit is decent and jeans is not.


10. When she buys your Christmas clothes in August because it will be cheaper.

11. When she buys you something and you ask her how much it cost, she replies “do you want to give me back the money?”

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12. When she buys you and all your siblings the exact same cloth and writes the name of each one of you on the label.

13. When you come first in class, and your mum takes you on a surprise shopping, she goes “pick any one you like, Just one ooo!”

Do you have some memories from your childhood that has to do with your parents buying clothes for you? Feel free to drop it in the comment box.