Nigerian Arrested In India For Drug trafficking, Fake Passport


The Nigerian man, Michael Chinedu Chukwudi, has been arrested in India for alleged drug trafficking and possession of fake passport.

Chukwudi was arrested alongside, Balwinder Singh, Surender Singh, and Catherine Leonard Mrope, (Tanzania),who are believed to be members of an international narcotic drug cartel.

According to India Today, the suspects were arrested following a tip-off.

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The suspects usually smuggled drugs inside household items. They had secret cavities carved inside suitcases, bags, household items used to safely smuggle the drugs to India.

Before their arrest, the police had received information that two persons: Balwinder Singh and Surender Singh were in Delhi and had procured a big consignment of heroin from African nationals from Dwarka and were to supply heroin near Rohini jail.

 drug trafficking

Following the information, the police reportedly laid a trap near the petrol pump and arrested the duo who disclosed that they were part of a massive international narcotic syndicate.

According to the police, about 4 kilograms of heroin were recovered from the drug suppliers, a car, several mobile handsets along with SIM cards used in drug trafficking were also recovered. The international value of recovered heroin is over Rs 16 crores, the police added.

During the raid, the main kingpin of this cartel, Nigeria’s Michael Chinedu Chukwudi was arrested from his rented house in Gurgaon and one kg heroin was recovered from him. Two passports were also recovered from his apartment.

In the other raid at his other rented house, two more passports of Tanzania and South Africa having photographs of his wife, Catherine Leonard Mrope were also  recovered.

His wife, Catherine Leonard Mrope was also arrested for illegally staying in India and for forgery and possession of fake passport and other incriminating documents.

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Chukwudi and his wife were interrogated, during which he (Chukwudi) confessed  he has been supplying heroin to drugs supplier including Balwinder and Surender for the last six months, adding that he used to get the supply of heroin from another Nigerian.

Chukwudi was also said to have told the police that the fake South African passport was forged by him because his Nigerian passport had expired and he had to shift to Gurgaon a week ago.