Nigerian Christians Make a Mockery of Christianity – Charly Boy


Eccentric media personality, Charly Boy, has spoken once again, this time bombarding Nigerian Christians for having a skewed method of belief.

Charly Boy perceived a tint of hypocrisy from some Nigerian Christians, who linked the recent gunspree that claimed 50 lives in a Gay club in the United States, as God’s way of punishing them.

The area father is shocked at the way most Nigerian christians concluded that the victims deserved the judgment they got because of their sexual preferences.

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To buttress his point, Charly Boy shared this on his Facebook page:

“Na WA for some Naijas, can you believe that after about 50 people were murdered in cold blood at a gay club in Orlando, most Nigerian Christians who know the mind of God linked the incident to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Can you imagine?

“They quickly used Leviticus 20:13 to prove their points. Many even said if God doesn’t destroy America, he owes sodom and Gomorrah an apology. Humm.

“They wished more of it would happen, they even said that it was God’s judgement upon gays. Useless fake people. Now hear me out!

“So, were the people in those bombed churches in Kaduna evil? The Christians who were bombed by Boko haram in the Redeemed church in Jigawa, did they deserve it? The christian in Borno state that were set ablaze, did they deserve to die like that?

“Where was God last year when those followers of Christ got shot up in a black church in America  while praying? Since God has become your informant and you know his JUDGEMENT, I am waiting for your answer.

“Some of these Naija Christians just make a mockery of Christianity while claiming to know the will of God. When an attack is carried out by demons and people who are mentally challenged some predict it was God’s will, because the victims have a different sexual orientation than us. Why can’t you just say, thank God they are dead. Silly, idiots.

“To add ignorance to stupidity you quote the scriptures to rationalise your uninformed position. Anyways, most of us don’t know any better. The joke is on them. Nonesense. I don talk my own. Make Oluwa scatter us with blessing this new week. Una well done,” he concluded.

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What do you think? Does God Judge wrong doers by punishing them with death or sickness or evil just befalls them coincidentally?