See Why These 7 Nigerian Celebrities Must Not Join Politics Ever


There are a couple of Nigerian celebrities in different fields of the entertainment industry that are very skilled in their acts but should not for any reason, now or in the nearest future, consider a career in politics. It is very often said that politics is all about power and power is like old wine – intoxicating as well as gets better in time. The entire essence of being a politician is to practice the theory of influencing other people to achieve an organized control over a human community.

It is very often said that politics is all about power and power is like old wine – intoxicating as well as gets better in time. The entire essence of being a politician is to practice the theory of influencing other people to achieve an organized control over a human community.

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Be it formal or informal politics, some set of people are better-off a mile away from it because of who they are, what they do and their ability to influence positively without the interference of scandals or unhealthy pasts. Let’s meet some of these Nigerian Celebrities and find out why their names are on this list.


Born as Judith Chichi Opara Mazagwu, Afrocandy is a Nigerian pornographic film actress, director, producer, model and singer. She is the founder and CEO of Invisible Twins Productions LLC and has a lot of escorts working with her. The mother of two, who is separated from her husband, started acting in 2004. She didn’t get any major role so decided to produce her own movies – porn.

She has lots of raunchy pictures and sex tapes scattered on the internet and in the market, so consider that a big advantage for her opponent if peradventure she dumps the indecent “P” profession for a more decent “P” profession – pornography for politics.


27-year old Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, best known by his stage name Wizkid, no doubt is a household name in African entertainment. He is young, talented and full of sounds that have attracted a lot of fans to his music.

Politics is certainly going to be a bad choice for this music sensation as he would be denying millions of fans the pleasure of enjoying his songs. He was made for music and that is enough reason not to quit it for anything else, not even politics.

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3. Tonto Dikeh


Now divorced, Tonto Charity Dikeh still has a past that one day will have a re-visit. Ex-Mrs. Churchill is among the most controversial Nollywood actresses. Her nonchalant attitude, love for marijuana and serial sex scandals are all bad omen waiting to show up in her future, especially when these things do not need digging up, they are already out there on every gossip site.

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Having someone like her in the parliament might mean legalizing weed and all the wrong things she loves. She should stick to her movie scripts, attend to her baby and leave music and politics for people who were made for it.

4. Denrele Edun


Former Channel O presenter, Denrele Edun, is one Nigerian celebrity whose current profession is obscure. Just like Kim Kardashian, what Denrele does for a living remains a mystery; he flows with singers, actors, models and is popular for being all but one. His punk and fun personality sits well with the entertainment industry. His eccentric dressing, ladder footwear, weird hairstyles, mistaken identity and creative madness might be misinterpreted as real madness outside the shores of entertainment. 

Denrele has revealed several times that he is nobody’s role model and aside all the aforementioned personality traits, Nigerian youths need a sane role model to put a stop to the madness in the country, not someone who is most likely going to be a transgender in a couple of years, even if he claims to be getting married soon.

5. Cossy Orjiakor


Like the previous, this celebrity has some issues identifying with her actual profession. Cossy Orjiakor is best known for her gigantic mammary glands and erotic charisma. She flaunts her oversized boobs and sits back to enjoy the attention and fame it brings her. She has acted in some Nollywood movies, but that doesn’t make her a professional actress.

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Politics and pleasure may share the same initials but they are not related in any way. Crucial decisions need to be made in political meetings and with Cossy’s chest in their faces, it is not very certain that the other political leaders might be able to make sound decisions.   

6. Charley Boy


Yet to become a man at 64-years of age, Charley Boy, also known as His Royal Punkness, and Area Fada has chosen a path that no Nigerian had dared.

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He is everything far from a sane man who has innate leadership abilities. Although he did quite a great job in his defunct TV show “Charley Boy Show” and marriage to his wife Diana, Charley Boy is a NO NO candidate for Nigerian Politics and you know why.


Basket mouth was born as Bright Okpocha in 1978 in Lagos. The popular stand-up comedian and actor is the brain behind Basketmouth Uncensored which is known across the globe. Nevertheless, Basket mouth shouldn’t be thinking of politics anytime soon.

He is unarguably one of the funniest people alive and will sure crack a lot of ribs in any house of assembly or even the senate but . . . no one will respect his office, neither would he or his laws be taken seriously. In a nut-shell, Nigerian celebrities should stick to entertainment! That’s where they all belong.

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