6 Nollywood Celebrities Who Completely Dumped Christianity

Because human beings from time past have always longed for ways of explaining things that are beyond their sphere of knowledge, religion became a general part of the human make-up and also part of our cultural and intellectual history. We all have one or two religious doctrines that affect our whole personality. Many Nigerians change religion almost every day especially when they are not affected exactly the way they want to be affected by the religion they practice. Some others change also when they are looking for that specific religion that would build their faith, make them stronger, give them peace and most importantly, make them prosperous and influential. While many celebrities are busy turning born-again, some other celebrities in Nigeria have proved the need to go where you find peace of mind by recently dumping Christianity for Islam and Hinduism citing some very personal reasons. We bring you the top 6 Nollywood celebrities who currently have abandoned Christianity for Islam and Hinduism. Have a quick look below:

Vivian Metchie now Fareedah:

Nollywood Celebrities

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Vivian Metchie’s case is a very distinctive and rare one. Surprisingly she was born to a Catholic father and a mother, who is a member of the Deeper Life Bible Church and even got married to a Redeemed Christian Church of God member. She left Christianity over what she termed ‘Religious confusion’. She decisively left Christianity because she said she understands the Quran more than the Bible. Also, she could no longer bear the constant bickering and criticisms from different members of different churches, although her friend once told her that if she was grounded in it she would definitely pay less attention to the different perceptions of the doctrines of Christianity because every Christian church has something bad to say about the next Christian church. She started searching for a religion that would give her inner peace, and guess what? She found the long-awaited peace in the Quran. After several kinds of research carried out in the quest for inner peace, Vivian saw it in Quran and opted to become a Muslim and adopted the name Fareedah.

Lizzy Anjorin now Aishat:

Nollywood Celebrities

Lizzy is a popular Yoruba actress and movie producer and also one of the actresses born into a Christian family. She really surprised her fans when she suddenly made a trip to the Islamic holy land Mecca in Saudi Arabia for Hajj last year. Quickly adopting the Islamic dress sense, she firmly says she had always been a Muslim but then we wonder how that little fact was not known by many Nigerians especially her fans who perceived her as a Christian. However, she isn’t against being a Christian. Before making a switch to Islam, rumour had it that she was making out with an Alhaji she knew through MC Oluomo, NURTW boss in Lagos. According to her, she was brought up in both Christian and Islamic background as his father was a Christian and her mother a Muslim. She also said that she has been taking part in both practices before choosing to focus on one which is Islam. Carry go, girl!

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Liz DaSilva now Aishat:

Nollywood Celebrities

Sexy, isn’t she? Liz DaSilva’s case is quite similar to that of Lizzy Anjorin. She was romantically linked to Oshodi Boss, MC Oluomo for a while before eloping with a younger Muslim guy. However, she claimed the swap of religion was for the sake of her son whom she named Raheem. So if that is the actual reason, we could say it was a motherly sacrifice. She tied the knot with Olaoye last year and now bears the Muslim name Aishat. The things mothers do for their children sha.

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Laide Bakare

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Laide got converted to Islam following her break up with her Christian husband over marital issues. She dated Alhaji Tunde Orilowo fondly called  ATM and finally eloped with a Lagos-based wealthy Alhaji Tunde before she then converted to Islam. She likes her fellow Muslim faithful and has embarked on the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, courtesy of her beau. Laide is not just ready to quit Islam and remains a strong Muslim. Shockingly, her beau is currently on the run over a fraud case with EFCC making Laide join Oriolowo’s “fleet of wives”. You could say that her case was that of putting in absolute best to get what you actually want. We hope she enjoys being wife number…?

Moji Olaiya

moji olaiya islam
Nollywood Celebrities

Moji Olaiya was born to a Christian home and is the latest on the conversion list. According to reports, she abandoned her three children and took a long walk out of her marriage over what she called “spousal abuse” (I thought mothers can endure anything for the sake of their children). Just like Vivian, she finds her new religion quite peaceful. To her, she finds Islam more interesting because you don’t need any intermediary to pray for you before Almighty Allah answers. According to her, Christians believe so much in their pastors praying for them but her personal prayers to Almighty Allah has paid off more since she became part of the religion. Makes you wonder if it paid off in cash or kind.

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Biola Ige

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Biola is another Nollywood star that dumped Christianity for Hinduism because she found peace in the religion. She left Christianity for Hinduism and even made it clear that converting to Christianity seems almost impossible to her as she has found absolute inner peace in Hinduism. Hmmmmmm! Wonders they say shall never end.


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