Nigerian Army Arrest Top Officers For Leaking Information To Boko Haram


The Nigerian Army has arrested some of its officers who are allegedly involved in sabotaging the efforts of the counter-terrorism operations against Islamic militants Boko Haram in the North East.

The officers arrested include a serving Captain and a Major.

It is reported that the Army opened discreet investigations following the recent Boko Haram attack on troops in Gashigar, on October 22, 2016.

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The attack left 13 soldiers wounded, while others were missing.

The Army, determined to get to the root of the incident, perused telephone conversations of some of the security personnel and their civilian counterparts and in the proccess uncovered some suspicious activities.

A military source revealed that the suspects leaked information on troops movement to the insurgents and also raised funds for the sect operations through cattle rustling.

The source said:

 “The President was furious and discussed the matter with the COAS when some of the heads of those units were ambushed by the Boko Haram”

“The Army leadership took out time to screen the communication lines of the officers for several days without making it known.”

“The suspicion was that they have links with some civilians and the links were traced. They are giving them vital information concerning the movement of soldiers”

“How come that the Borno State Governor and other officials have not been attacked, yet they ambushed the Chief of Army Staff. They have not attacked civilians but they attacked the COAS.”

Acting Army spokesman has confirmed the development.

He said, “Investigation is ongoing and once we conclude, the suspects would be arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction.”

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Usman had said in a statement on Tuesday that a total of 32 persons, comprising two military officers, two soldiers, two policemen and 26 civilians were in custody for allegedly sabotaging the ongoing operations of the Nigerian Army.