Nigeria At The Verge Of Famine Like Has Never Been Seen – UN


According to the United Nations, Nigeria is on the brink of a famine unlike any we have ever seen anywhere.

Delivering a speech at a meeting in Brussels, UN’s Assistant Secretary-General, Toby Lanzer, said nearly a quarter of a million children in Nigeria’s north east are severely malnourished and millions more are thought to be starving in refugee camps that are too dangerous for aid agencies to reach.

He added that if Nigeria doesn’t get help fast, “we will see, I think, a famine unlike any we have ever seen anywhere”.

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Lanzer also said that of the millions who haven’t yet been reached: “We can’t assess their situation – we can estimate that it’s awful.”

Nigeria is current struggling economically as she is facing her worst recession for the first time in more than a decade. Inflation is at an 11-year high and oil, which makes up 70% of the government’s revenue, is still suffering from a slump.

In the country’s north eastern region, things are made worse by Islamic militants Boko Haram, who have disrupted trade and farming in the region and are also hostile to western medicine.

women at IDP camp 2

An American midwife, Jean Stowell, in charge of a 110-bed feeding centre in Maiduguri, which is the largest city in the region noted that The Doctors Without Borders-run centre tries to keep up with demand but, every time it grows, the extra places are rapidly taken.

Ms Stowell told the Associated Press: “These are kids that basically have been hungry all their lives and some are so far gone that they die here in the first 24 hours.” 

She added:

“There are around a million people in Maiduguri’s camps – most of them fleeing the reach of the terrorist group – and many of them are also struggling with hunger.

“And yet, outside the camps, the markets are filled with fruit and vegetables – all of it far too expensive for the average refugee.”

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The Federal Government is currently investigating claims that officials have been stealing food aid.